catching up

okay, slowly pulling myself back together and getting back on the ball with my artwork. a lot of what i’ve been working on has been 2D stuff – drawing primarily with some photography. i also decided to focus mostly on my blog, instagram, and patreon as places to share things (the latter two being the most important ones – sorry blog! ). so i must admit, these pictures have been shared before in other places, but i wanted to update the blog here with things i had shared since it’s been awhile and i’ll be coming back here with posts. not sure how often, but at least this is a start right?

depression hit me pretty hard this winter, so one morning i decided to walk around and look at the snow (we had just received about 10 inches of it… ). i’m still not sure what made me decided i had to take my camera with me, but i’m glad i did as i was able to capture some truly amazing shots in t he woods near my house. though i’ve only processed two pictures from that day (even though it’s been a few weeks) i’m still happy with just the two -

that day was when i started to pull myself together, though it is still a work in process. i used some of my drawings to help as well, taking a chance to experiment with color and ink splatters to add interest.

lastly i started a personal yearlong project to help me overcome my discomfort/embarrassment/fear of having pictures taken of me. i decided to try and do a self portrait each month with one of my dolls. even though i had never done it before and was fairly certain i would have nothing of worth, i was once again surprised by two shots that came out really well –

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