winter surprise…

so the first snow (and ice) of the season came on thursday. and though i worked that day, i was able to take some pics yesterday before it all melted away in the rain.

it’s been hard to be motivated and inspired when each day just seems to get worse and worse. i feel more and more like those in power don’t care about the people they’re supposed to govern. that no one cares about their fellow humans (or animals or planet) – that we’ve devolved into a group of self-centered narcissists.

however, i’m more than happy to be proven wrong and truly hope that i will be…. but i’m also a pessimist by nature, which is why i hide myself in my art….

i hadn’t intended it this way, but to me there’s a sense of sadness and anger in some of the pics i took of kame. though in her defense, she was naked and it was like 33 degrees outside….

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