the nearly forgotten post…

yes, it’s been awhile since i last posted.
yes, i’ve let life swallow me up again.
yes, i’ve been facing a lot of anxiety and stress and depression and trying to use art to keep me sane.
and yes, i’m having trouble balancing part time job, art job, housework, and taking care of the animals (the last one has become even more of a job now that my dog was diagnosed with liver failure… yay…. sigh)

if you follow me on facebook or instagram, you’ve seen that i’ve posted a few sporadic pics there. i’d like to share some of those here. first – i did a couple of shoots with the kitsune now that she’s back from the show she was in over the summer. i only got a small handful of pics from each shoot, so they’re sort of combined here….

i also recently did a shoot with the dragon, since he’s being taught again through a for artistic. it’s been hard to find the time and energy to sculpt new dolls or do photographs, so i have to admit lately i’ve mostly just been doing drawings…. and not getting much response/feedback has made it hard to stay motivated, but at the same time i use the art to help me cope with the stresses and anxiety of the world that surrounds me… and right now, i really REALLY need that escape….

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