just a little update

so i’ve been working on a few projects recently while fighting a cold and real life – hence the lack of pictures – but i’m also soon to start a part time job. in some ways it’s really great to have it, but it will also be cutting into the time i have to work on my drawings, dolls, and photography. so updates will probably be more like 2x a month rather than weekly (as per my original goal lately i’ve been slacking on that anyway… )

a lot depends on how many hours i end up putting into it, but i still hope to have time to work on various things.

in the meantime, enjoy a few pics i’ve taken over the last couple of weeks. first up are some more pics of the prince bust and memoria bust done for our memoria class through a for artistic. after that are a couple pics of pestilence playing around with a bit of feather boa that i have.

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