a change in plans -

well, i’ve been thinking a bit about how crazy it is to make two different sizes at once – so i’ve decided to stick to just the mini sized body and get a mnf luts sleeping chiwoo head for oblivion and make her a mini.i’ve also come up with a few other ideas for mini dolls i want to do – a male who is playing a violin which has become a part of him (hope to have a pic of that up soon) and a female who is partially invisible in the style of the sci-fi cyber girls who seem to be partially out of glass – parts of her will be cast in clear resin. a very ambitious idea but one i hope to achieve.i’m also thinking of doing a few animal inspired ones – namely chinese crested werewolf like creature and at least one anime inspired cat girl.as you can see – i’ve got a lot ahead of me, but the paper clay came today and while i wasn’t able to do the paper machie today, i’ll do it tomorrow and start the final sculpting as well — though i need to draw out the arms/legs/hands/feet for the mini body.it’s a big change in plans, but i think over all it will be for the best by helping me focus more.

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