a minor, but important update -

no, i haven’t got any new pictures – for that i apologize! 

but i’m thinking that i will only make 10 xolotl’s total, and 5 of them are already taken.

i plan on finishing her up this month (i just have her lower leg, arm, ears, and head cap to finish – they’re all at least 50% there) and then i get to start the molding process. my goal is to have them done by my birthday in may (the 26th to be precise)while i would love to do each of them a different breed, i understand that the 5 lucky people to purchase the other xolotls might not want them to be pre-customized.

so, what i’m thinking is that i’ll take a list of people who are interested (first come, first serve) and will let them choose from two different options. a 450$ doll, which is just the doll, a simple faux fur wig, eyes, and shipping (absolutely no customization at all) or a 550$ doll, which will include the doll, either faux fur or mohair(lambskin) wig, full face up and body blushing to the new owner’s specifics.  


i plan on sculpting a cat head to go on the body, and maybe a fox head later on. these will also be in limited numbers (between 5 and 10) and will be sold through the same process. pierrot (both old and new) is a different matter, and i haven’t decided yet how i will be dealing with her – but i know i want to sell a couple of her.

i am not ready to sell yet (obviously) but people who are interested can let me know, and i will start taking names probably beginning of may. when i’m ready to sell, i will ask for a deposit at that time (depends on cost of materials) and the the rest would be due when the doll is ready.

now, for cooper – i’m thinking of doing something similar.

he is in the final stages of having his pieces smoothed and finished for the final casting.

however, i think i will do a run of around 20 for him, and will take batches of names (probably 4 or 5 batches of 5 names) for him, i am thinking possibly 250 or 275 for the basic doll (with faux fur wig and eyes) and maybe 300 or 325 for the customized doll.

i am hopefully going to be sculpting a rabbit eared head for the body, and will do a similar run with him.

i will post an announcement on my webpage when i’m ready to start taking names, as well as posting pages devoted to each doll (so you can easily see their pictures and progress)these will be the ONLY ones that i sell.

i am working on my own dolls at a larger scale, and these will not be for sale. i hope to have venus and two special boys finished by the end of the year.

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