sculpting part one, step one –

perhaps the hardest part of it all is working with the stupid styrofoam to create the inside shape of the piece (the hollow part in the finished piece).with oblivion’s torso i had cut out the piece only to realize i had cut the back and neck at the wrong angles, and so had to cut her into pieces and tape them at the right angles.front viewyou can really see the difference between the original sketch and the finished cut outside viewbut at least i was able to learn from my mistake and when i cut out the outlines for the mini torso i was able to cut it out correctly -mini sketchesafter tracing around the outlines i started to cut the piece away from the larger block of foam only to have it break ><;;;;;;but being impatient – i glued it together, stuck some pins in for support, and then worked on cutting it out anyway… only to realize i really did need to wait for the glue to dry.partially cut outpartially cut out 2it’s going to be a lot of work — and now i have a deadline of june next year to finish the bodies because my mom said i could go to niada with her if i had something finished by then… no pressure, right?at least xmas break is coming up…..

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