some random kirin shots

these are probably some of the last i’ll take of her for a bit as i need to work on some other dolls, but i wanted to share a few more pictures i took yesterday while learning to use my new lightbox.

i’m still in the “stupider than a novice” stage i’m afraid… perhaps if my lightbulbs for my lamps actually shone the color they were advertised to the pics would have turned out better. or if i had any actual decent photoshopping skills, that could help too…

the white girl – she’s turning more and more into a russian inspired princess. i’m hoping to make a long tailored coat for her with faux fur trim and embroidery… sadly most of the pictures i took of her turned out poorly.

and the tan girl – with this wig and crown i want to make her a nice poofy and black lolita outfit – something with lots and lots of lace…

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