kirin preorder 1/10/2015 ~ 1/31/2015


1) preorder period is open from JANUARY 10TH through JANUARY 31ST midnight, OR until quantity is reached (10 translucent white skin and 10 translucent tan skin dolls will be available)

2) ALL kirin orders will come with nude doll, extra pair of SMALL hands, 8mm acrylic eyes (random color), and a faux fur wig from BERIBREW (random color). each doll is strung with elastic, and then wired from head to ankle to aid in posing.


blank doll only – $450
doll with face up – $490

there is no set face up – so if you order her with one, please leave details for how you would like her to be painted. face ups include blushing around the heart, chest, and hands. ordering a face up will require an additional week.

3) when you make your order, a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of $150 is due now – this covers the cost of having the doll cast in resin. the remaining balance will be due when the dolls are ready to ship.

4) the dolls will take approximately 2 to 3 months to make – i will make sure everyone stays updated for any delays or if the dolls arrive early.

5) please send orders to INFO @ CIRQUEDEFANTOMES.COM and include the following info -

a) name
b) address
c) order details
d) paypal email

6) once i receive your order info i will send you a paypal invoice for the down payment. if you have any questions, please send them to info @

7) dolls will ship out from oregon (united states). for international orders – packages will be marked at full value so that they can be fully insured.


* due to the translucent nature of the resin, some sub-surface flaws, such as air bubbles, are more visible in the white skin than in opaque resin.

* the tan color is solid through the resin, but due to the nature of the color sanding marks and seams may be more visible than on the white skin – i will do my best to minimize any finishing marks (scratches from sanding, the seam lines, ect) – if this bothers you please do not order tan skin

* each doll is cast by hand by donn at bishounen house and then finished by me, so there may be minor flaws (small bubbles at the edges of pieces, unfinished seam lines) however i will do my best to make sure these are at a minimum.


now for some personal info about kirin.

height : approx. 40cm tall when standing with her feet flat, or 42cm tall in heels.
eyes : 8mm
wig : 4-5 inch wig (her head measures 4.9 inches around)
shoes : she fits in GENE sized high heels and flat shoes made for volks’ yo-sized dolls. shoe testing can be seen IN THIS POST

white skinned girl:

tan skinned girl:

previous body shots of blank doll (these were taken prior to her being sanded – other shots can be found IN THIS POST) :

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