okay,so i’ve got scans of the sketches of the body for oblivion(who will be about 60cms tall and her head (and probably hands) will be bought from luts – i’m planning a modified sleeping chiwoo) as well as the first sketch for my own line of 45ish cm dolls similiar in size to unoas and narindolls.i’m going to try for the ball joints in the hips to be attached to the torso – while it is less natural, i find it more aesthetically pleasing.sketch onei hope to make three part joints for the elbows and knees to create better mobility -arm sketchleg sketchand the 45cm body sketch – i need to still sketch out the legs, arms, hands/feet, and heads for this size. i going with a face plate like system because i find them easier to bodyand if you’re curious for the concepts for the dolls, you can see them here -rag man – the idea for him is a ragdoll who’s slowly sewing himself back together. one arm will end in a bobbin with thread. whether or not the final doll will be frozen in place or will have thread in his stitching is still unknown.yukito – a gothic interpretation of the white rabbit from alice in wonderland — he’ll have a broken watch inset in his chest. this is a piece i’m really looking forward making.thorn queen – i’m not sure where she came from, but her crown and hair will be an interesting challenge.mirror – the biggest challenge on her will be the four arms and making sure they’re positioned right so as not to interfere with the other arms. she’ll also have half her face hinged so that it will open like a door.

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