teaser pics

i’m working hard to get the rest of my sample dolls sanded, strung, and then i get to paint them all!

then i have to take the official pictures for her sales post (OMG! ) – the preorder will happen mid to late january. i also got the wonderful news that kirin is allowed on den of angels (one of the largest online forums for resin BJDs) – i think my heart skipped a few beats when i read that!

i’ve already started plans on my next doll, but i wouldn’t expect anything on my end until june or july ^^;;;;

anyway – here are some fun shots i took of one of the white resin cast kirins (i’ve nicknamed it opal kirin because of the look of the resin)

sitting pretty on my copy of the 1960s batman (hey, i warned you i’d been watching it a lot lately! )

i then started a shoe test – i knew already she could wear gene sized heels (which also seems to be the same size shoe that the high heel feet for bimong’s naraes… )

yep, she really is standing in that pose – i was freaking out as i found she wasn’t posing right in the resin – because it turned out to be smoother than the raw premier clay (that was a no-duh moment… i mean, her extreme curves would cause problems in any medium, but i had worked them out in clay and stupidly assumed they would work the same in another) but then i just ran wire from her head to ankle and she poses pretty well now! so all dolls bought will have the same (full elastic stringing, and then 16 gauge wire for the body and legs)

now, i knew she could wear high heels, but what about flats? i assumed she would as i designed her ankle to rotate enough that her foot could be flat on the ground (and she stands barefoot after all) turns out she can wear larger sized shoes made for volks’ yosd and similar sized dolls. so first up a pair of shoes from volks (i believe they’re the limited little lorina ones) – they’re a little snug, but otherwise she stands really well in them. i think future owners will definitely need to err on the larger side.

and then for a pair of yosd sized boots from dollheart – these were also a little snug around her ankles, but because they both lace up and zip up you can open the boot up wide to get her foot in and out. so i definitely recommend boots that have BOTH opening systems, otherwise you run the risk of her foot getting stuck!

but yes – she stands great in them too! (okay, i’ll admit this pose took me a few tries to balance right…. but she’s standing unaided! )

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