it’s an early xmas!!!!

she came! or rather – THEY came! yesterday! and i’m probably going to use waaaaaaaaay too many exclamation points in this pic heavy post. so, i apologize now.

but i got my resin casts from donn over at bishounen house – he did such an amazing job on her.

firstly – le box! it was a smaller box than what i expected, but everything was packed so efficiently.

so efficient, so organized! way to go donn!

i think my roommate will probably swear that by this time i was giggling – but i’d like to think it was more of an evil cackle. you know, like cesar romero’s joker, but i’m not that cool (btw – did i mention that i’ve recently been making my way thru the 1960s batman series? no? well, i apologize in advance for any weirdness that might be causing as well)

eeeek! look – unwrapped the tan girl and one white girl

the white resin was a lot different than i expected, even though i had seen the sample in person. some how she looked less like other translucent resins i’d seen before and more like opal/frosted glass – which is TOTALLY cool in my book! visions of soft blue and purple swirls up the girl’s arms and legs came to mind, completely ruining any previous thoughts i had about what to do with them.

it was also at this point that i sort of got way too excited and forgot to take pics of a lot of stuff – i just wanted to see them strung up!

without arms or feet as i needed to put the wires through the hands and feet

two girls together – i really like how they look together!

and look at these hands! i was so afraid they wouldn’t come out because i tend to sculpt these tiny little fragile fingers…

so, then i took the time to put in wires and string up my girls and watch another 5 episodes of batman (oh robin, you were so cute! )

and i managed to snap a crappy pic that my roommate said looked like a selfie. i shudder to think of any of my classy girls doing something so silly and narcissistic as a selfie, but i’m sure they probably would…

and that was the end of the box opening, but not the end of my girls! this morning i strung up the original kirin, who i swear came back more even and more beautiful than when i sent her! (probably a good even coat of grey primer has something to do with that… )

of course, they still need to be sanded to finish removing the seams and such… and then i need to take a good set of basic pics and repost preorder info – i’m hoping to get some orders in january.

but i got some semi-professional looking shots of her!

and then for some more basic comparison shots – it’s sad that i can’t seem to get nice shots of the white girl, but maybe with her face up her actual features will start showing?

she stands between 40 and 42cm, depending on if her feet are flat or in high heels

next to a mini sized dollzone girl body

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2 Responses to “it’s an early xmas!!!!”

  1. Vicki atoui Says:

    Let me know the details, when you start your preorders, love her!

  2. d2 Says:

    i’ll do my best to get the info up ASAP – i’m currently fighting off a bad cold that hit a few days before her arrival so the one thing i’m doing most of right now is sleeping T_T

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