sometimes it’s good to lose things

i was trying to find my graph paper that i had managed to put away in a place so safe that i couldn’t remember where, and i came across these sketches for doll ideas.

maybe i’ve posted these in the past, maybe i haven’t – but it made me happy to see them again and i know what will be my side projects once i finish my current batch!

((speaking of which – kirin’s new arms are well underway and should be done in the next day or two ^^ ))

i can’t recall when this little girl was done – but i’m so happy i had this idea and the forethought to put it on paper! she’s so cute! (and yes, those are spines for her arms) i may be stealing an idea from my mom and insert a tube down her back for the elastic to hide in, but then sculpt over it to be a spine. sorry mom!

i vaguely remember coming up with this idea…. oh, i guess it must have been early 2013? maybe? it came out of a conversation with a friend about putting lighting inside of dolls and the idea of having back lit cut outs – but now that i’m also doing clear resin casting those could also make interesting pieces to inset and then light up with a little LED in the chest

this girl is at least several years old – believe it or not, she was one of the first ideas i came up with when trying to create sketches that would later grow to become kirin. can you see the resemblance? ~_^

and this one is from earlier this year when i was working with my mom to get ready for the jointing class for NIADA. i… don’t really know where she came from, but i think it could be a lot of fun. i really love dollzone’s flower based dolls so it could be an interesting challenge to create my own.

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