slowly recovering

okay, so first off i have to say that i’m still recovering from my return trip yesterday, but since i posted on my facebook that i would post kirin info today i figured i better stick to that ^^;;;

also, those on facebook have also heard the terrible news – the horrid weather in florida managed to cause every piece of kirin’s arms to break. so now i get to spend the next week remaking her arms and repairing her hands. once those are done, i’ll be posting newer pics – but i feel horrible because i got professional pics to use as my promo shots and now they won’t even be accurate since i have to change her arms!

anyway, on to preorder stuff :

1) the preorder period will open september 8th and run through to september 20th. if i get orders for 10 dolls, this order period will close early – this is just to make it more manageable for myself.

at that time i will post how to order a girl and an email to send questions and orders to.

2) the price for a BLANK girl will be 450 + shipping. the price for a face up/body blushing (natural style) would be 60. the price for face up/body blushing (fantasy style) would be 100.

i hope to create mock ups in the next few weeks of the face up/body blushing options.

at the time the preorder is placed, i will ask for a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of 150 – this covers just the cost of having the doll cast in resin, hence why it’s not refundable if you decide to cancel your order.

3) the dolls will be cast in a semi-translucent white resin.

4) all doll orders will include a random pair of handmade eyes (made by me) – i’m still trying to decide whether or not to include a faux fur wig as well.

i have a few questions i’m waiting for answers from and those will also determine whether or not a second order for resin dolls will be done.

otherwise, all future orders of kirin will be done in flumo – it’s not as strong as resin and will have to be painted only once – therefor all dolls will be sold with a face up.

the other main issue with flumo – it SHRINKS. so the flumo cast kirins will be smaller than their resin counterparts, and once those are made (probably not until february or march of next year) i will be posting pics to show the differences and more info on flumo orders at that time.

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