a hint of things to come


i’ve got two projects already in the works and slated to be finished by the end of this year (kirin in resin is obviously one of them, another is putting together stuff for an online BJD class with my mom)

but for next year, i have two ideas i really want to see done by the end – or sooner if things work out and i get the chance to go to spectrum next may.

anyway, these are ideas that came to me after talking with other artists and seeing the various dolls here at NIADA – a lot of interesting people and pieces, and still so intimidating! i’m not sure it’s something i want to join, since what i want to do is different – i want to make dolls and then photograph them and have photographs as my finished piece – but i certainly wouldn’t mind coming back again.

i must apologize – the pictures aren’t the best as the lighting in the hotel was… well, it was great mood lighting, terrible picture lighting.

first up is the first idea i had – this is the one i talked about in the last post of the jointed skeleton. and since most of my dolls now have japanese names (kirin, kame, otohime, amaterasu… ) i felt that she, too, should have a japanese name because she feels like part of the 100 demons theme.

and after a bit of roaming around through the dictionary i settled on “nisemono” – it flows off the tongue nicely, and it means impostor, which i felt really fit the piece -

and now perhaps you understand my bizarre ramblings about skeletons and bone china – i not only love the look of bone china, but to me there’s something appealing about sculpting bone and having it be made from bone… however i have the feeling i may have to make a few of these before i’m confident enough to put her into bone china -

next up is a second idea that came to me after i had a critique done on my work by a fabulous new zealand artist tanya marriott (her website here ) as well as talking to my mom about the ideas of triptychs for spectrum.

i’ve not fully decided on who she is, but the idea is of having a box that looks like the doors on gothic cathedrals, and then opens up to reveal this being coming out of stained glass windows, and that part of the doll would be drawn on (a set of the arms) and the rest would be separate and posable.

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