2nd set of florida pics

nothing too new or exciting, just some pics i took yesterday in the hotel room.

i have come up with some new ideas (including the idea of a skeleton jointed like the old penny wooden dolls) and really REALLY wishing i had the space to do porcelain… or rather, find a way to recreate the look of bone china. but since what i know of is slip casting it would be a different process i think… i’m not sure, and it’s just one more thing to read about.

but i love the idea of translucency and the subtle warmth that porcelain can give off – if you’re a master of it.

but perhaps it’s also a bit of a simple pleasure – the thought of creating skeletal creatures using bone china (which, of course, contains bone)

anyway – it’s all stuff that i hope to look into once i regain my brain after the trip.

in the mean time, here are the pics:

again, kirin seems to be having fun, but once again i only managed to take a few pics of her… (of course this girl is starting to get scuffed up and she’s supposed to be getting some professional pictures taken of her tomorrow! gah! )

but the two “sisters” together – while taking these i was sure kame was cursing me – she looked so demonic and angry.

and just one of kame by herself – i think she’s really hoping for that spa day where she can get all cleaned up!

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