humidity = sticky

i’m in florida.

it’s hot.

it’s muggy.

i hate it.

but that said, it’s an interesting experience to meet so many different artists and, truth be told, i like to watch their faces to see their physical reactions to the dolls my mom and i create. sometimes i think that’s more true than their words. and so far, it’s been pretty positive.

now, i helped my mom teach her class yesterday, but on tuesday i was able to sneak some pics of kirin and kame around the hotel – i got a few inside (where the lighting was bad) and a few outside (before the humidity made my girls sticky and me miserable)

sadly, kame is NOT looking so hot with her wig – she doesn’t like to travel and the humidity is killing her wig. the poor thing… i must remember to give her a spa day sometime soon!

anyway, on to the pics – somehow i managed not get a single pic of the two together to come out.

kame’s up first!

and kirin! she seems to enjoy travel, even if her finger broke… and of course i took fewer pics of her ><#

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