no pictures today – i have been working on her, but the rain has prevented me from preparing everything for casting…. hopefully next weekend will be dry enough for me to do the test mold and spray the sealer/primer….. i have her hands nearly done – i just need to refine them in the resin cast, and i have her other foot nearly done as well. one elbow is still giving me problems, and i’ve fixed the two different lengths on her legs….all in all, i only have like another day’s worth of work left before i spray her to sand and then spray again, so i do hope to get her done this week. it will be so awesome to have her in my hands and in resin – i bet it’s like giving birth!

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7 Responses to “*sigh*”

  1. james Says:

    i just found your website and i went through the whole thing and your doll is absoloutly beautiful thus far you have done amazing work. i was actually wanting to make my own doll and i waqs wondering if you could read the guide book by yoshida ryo or if you just follow the pictures. i wanted to get it but i cant read japanese so i was wonderin how you do it. i have very little resources on how to make a doll and any advice you have would be very much appreciated. i too will be working with my mother on the project but shes gonna be making the clothing as she is an expert seamstress.

  2. d2 Says:

    hey –

    i can read a *little* of the book (i know some basic japanese but not a lot of kanji) so i mostly follow the pictures – which are really nice and easy to follow.

    i totally think the book is worth it.

    good luck with your doll ^^

  3. james Says:

    alright thats awesome. ill definatly be getting it the next chance i get. i have a couple mroe questions. about howmuch alltogether would the supplies cost to make a doll? including everything from clay to anything else. do you have any sites or stores you go to? and the other is were did you get the idea to put a join in the torso of the doll? i loved that idea gives it a little more flexibility its amazing.

  4. d2 Says:

    hey, i get my clay (i’m now using a new product called premix which is a combination of the two clays i was already using) and is about 11$ for a package – seperately the two clays are 8$ for premier and la doll is about 11$ for a package. i get them from http://www.clayalley.com – the people are really nice to deal with ^^

    as for the rest of the supplies – i used some styrofoam my mom had left over, so i’m not sure how much that was, and good tools can be expensive – but you can also use things like cheap bamboo skewers and an exacto knife. elastic is really cheap if you can find a fabric store that sells it in bulk (like about 20 cents a yard and generally one yard should be enough – maybe 1.5) s hooks i’ve ordered from http://www.eluts.com – which is a korean bjd site – under their tools, but you could probably get them cheaper at a hardware store (i ordered them from luts because i was ordering dolls at the same time ^^;;; ) so at this point, the most expensive stuff has been the clay – about 1 package of each of the different types of clay so that’s 30$ in clay… the resin and mold making stuff that i’ll be getting will also be expensive — and mind you, these prices DO NOT include shipping, will also be a bit because these clays are heavy.

    as for the torso joint – in the asian ball jointed dolls i collect – a lot of them have the torso joint which really increases the posability and stability of the doll.

  5. james Says:

    ah what kind of resin and mold stuff are you getting? or what are your suggestions? please tell me if im being a little obnoxious or nosey lol. im just really excited about making a doll. i love to make things. how much clay would you recomend i start off with? as in how many packs should i get. my moms got plenty of fabric and elastic so im set with that. i could probably get some s hooks from home depot or somethin like that. do they have to be a certain size? oh and when you make a doll do you cast the mold off of that first doll and use it for the rest? im kinda confused about the whole process lol. is there a list of particular tools i should look at? i usually improvise when i use tools anyways so its all good when it comes to that. i hate to buy styrofoam but i dont have any. hopefully hobby lobby will have good prices on it. im really sorry im askin all these questions im just really curious and excited. if i get to annoying for you or ask to many questions please let me know and ill cut back haha.

  6. d2 Says:

    well, i used one package of the premier, one package of the la doll (i mixed them together) and then about 2/3 of a package of premix. but that’s for a doll about 46cm (roughly 16inches) tall and who is really thin – so it really depends on the size of the doll.

    the same goes for the s hooks – i would make up the doll and then when you have the wrists and arms down, then you can see how big the s hooks need to be.

    as for the resin – i only have (very limited) experience with smooth-on, so that’s what i’m using – http://www.smooth-on.com – i’ve heard really good things about them so that’s why i picked them.

    and it’s okay – i had a lot of questions too when i started out ^^

  7. james Says:

    lol thanks you have helped me out alot. im gonna start makin one as soon as i can get the money for it. it just seems like a fun thin to do. and congrats on the article im impressed. your doll is absoloutly amazing! if i have any more questions i hope you wont mind if i ask them.

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