blotchy but beautiful!

started the primer stage – i got a brown primer to create a contrast with the white clay. i have to primer, sand, then primer again and pray it’s enough of a sealer for the molds.┬ábut she’s going really well and is nearly finished! yay! she kinda stands… but i don’t have any pictures of that…blotched 1blotched 1blotched 1here you can see her ear – it’s kinda a batwing/vampire/elf ear… i think instead of offering optional ears, i’m going to do two different headcaps – one with elf ears and one with human ears, and then make some optional ears to attach via magnets on top of the head (i have some cat ears in the works)blotched 1blotched 1blotched 1

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One Response to “blotchy but beautiful!”

  1. yumenoir Says:

    wow! this is so helpful and inspiring. :) good luck with her elbows. :)

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