new wig, new arm….

well, most of a new arm – it still needs to be sanded down… but the other half of her face is done now – it’ll be smoothed out some when i put the sealer/primer on her for molding, and then i’ll smooth it out even more in the resin cast that i’ll make the finished molds off of.she also has a foot that my mom sculpted 75% of – then i did the finishing details – i’m so bad at feet ><### — she also helped me with the other arm getting it roughly the same shape as the one i had finished. i’m so lucky to have her helping me! i gotta now think of some way to thank her….i’m also working on her hands, but those aren’t anywhere near good enough to take pictures of…. and through a slight accident, her other leg was kinda broken beyond repair so i need to wait for some new clay to come before i can finish her leg *sigh*however, i think pierrot looks kinda good in blonde ^^ ((also went and saw sweeney todd for the second time and realized she kinda looks like mrs. lovett…..))anyway, on to the images – not a whole lot this time, just 3 – but i do love taking pictures of this girl and i’m itching to have her cast in resin so i can start playing with her for real!pierrot blonde 1pierrot blonde 2pierrot blonde 3

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