i think i’m going crazy…

but as i’m working on kame and saru… i started thinking about completely resculpting pierrot from scratch.

i have a full resin cast of her, but it needs work to fill in all the holes and what not and when i was working on her yesterday i started to feel nauseous, i can only assume from the resin….

i feel bad because i’ve put 5 years into this doll and what i have to show for it is a pile of barely passable pieces in a plastic bag…. am i running away from my problems? it’s so frustrating to be so close and yet so far with her… perhaps this is why i keep working on new projects?

i wish i could send her off to my mom or someone to work on her for a few days so that there can be some progress without me having to work on her…. i’m feeling burned out on this cute girl….. (not to mention the rest of my life…. )

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