big updates

so, after a lot of soul searching i’ve come to realize that i get the most enjoyment out of sculpting the dolls and get too caught up on how to mold and cast. but i still would like to share my dolls with people who love them, so i’m looking to do a cast of pierrot and fill in any holes and what not, sand her smooth, and then contact some casting services for quotes. i can then also finish up the other heads i have for her body (such as xolotl and voodoo) and my boy jean-pierre to also offer.

and in the meantime, i can work on my OOAK in the paper clay and let myself go imagination wise. i may or may not offer some of those for sale in the future, it depends on how attached i get to them ^^;;;

i also am going to finally get around to making my eye masters so i can make my own eyes.

but in the mean time, i played with saru some and she has an ear and two eyes now, and i also decided to do some lacing on her chest and will do some down her sides to resemble corset lacing, which i have always loved. (my mom did a really awesome sculpt several years ago with corset lacings down the back and i always wanted to try my hand at it, but in my own style) – and yes, i write notes on the dolls as i work…. it’s the best way for me to remember from one session to the next of things i want to adjust.

and then i also started another new girl (i know, i know! ) using one of the more common puns/play on words in japanese. she’s my “kame” girl – i’ve always wanted to do a turtle shell pattern on a doll, but the way i sculpt backs didn’t allow for the obvious placement….

i’ve only been working on this girl in bits and pieces since wednesday, but i’ve already gotten pretty far! and yet, i could be further if the weather would cooperate…. it’s been so humid that the clay isn’t able to air dry, but it’s also been too hot for me to turn the oven on to “bake” her….

her face is still quite rough, but i’m trying my hand at doing a more asian feeling face…. i’m not sure how well i’m doing it, but i like the direction it’s going. she currently has two different sized eyes because i couldn’t decide, but i think i’m going to go with the smaller size.

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