not a picture update

but i received some mixed news this last week – first is that i’m going to end up further behind because i won’t be able to afford the molding materials as soon as i thought (i’m going to pour what i have left this weekend and test out those molds next week) – it also means i’m selling of another huge chunk of my commercially made bjds…..

second – is that the winter fairies have decided to gift me with clay for the holidays! yay! it won’t be here for a few more days at least – probably not until after xmas – but once it is here, i’ll be able to reenter heavy duty sculpting mode! (currently i have only half a block of clay left. period. )

i’m going to start out by working on a centauroid body for my mini girls! i recently had the thought of a feline centauroid, but i can think of a few more to create as well ^^

it also means i can finish up my large dolls, as well as some of the other mini heads (and my mini boy body)

i really can’t wait to finish up at least a few of these – i’ve been dying to work on my vegeta bjd, but i told myself i couldn’t until i finished at least my mini girl body/heads….. and i’m almost there!

after that – i have several other rather ambitious projects i want to make – a violin bodied boy, a life sized ratchet (okay, i’m a HUGE sucker for the cute lombax! ) and even a life sized sherlock holmes! (don’t ask me where i intend to put a 6’1 bjd – but maybe by then i’ll have a nice comfy chair for him to lounge in….. )

i’m also hoping after the holidays to save up for some woodworking books and learn how to make my own japanese and victorian furniture – in scale for my dolls of course.

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