you gotta love mother nature….

sure, during the week when i had no time to take pictures it was bright and sunny…. and then when the weekend comes and i can take some time to photograph my progress – it’s RAINING! and no sun…. okay, to be honest i LOVE the rain and am happy it’s finally wet, but i have almost no good lighting for pictures…..

but i did take some to share!

first up the torsos of my large dolls – carving down the original boy body i had done as it was WAY too big, and then i’m scupting an entirely new female body – both still have quite a way to go, but i don’t have a lot of clay right now.

my girl torso with my newest dolly (just arrived today! ) – she’s a customized volks ran head i got from yahoo japan. i know it seems like the body is too narrow for her, but once the arms are on there and she has hips, it will look a lot better. i’m really happy that it works for her because i’ve been searching for bodies for my floating volks heads and i just wasn’t happy with anything i saw…..

a bit better fit when it’s just the upper torso piece – i can’t wait to have her whole, along with my others! (twin sdqr swd nono heads and an sd13 shirou tachibana)

and then i’ve been working here and there on my xenoceratops head – it’s quickly becoming a favorite! i’m just adoring the various shadows and lines i’m getting to create with the ridges in the skull.

on the boy torso – what it was intended for, i think it’ll work fine once i start to put in the neck hole and what not

but it also looks great on my girl body….

and a last quick pic of saru – i’ve been working on her too, her eyes have been moved up a touch, but i might move them up even more…. i’m not sure… but i’m happy with how she’s coming along! though i managed to get the planes of her cheeks backwards (they are low by the nose and high on the outside of her cheekbones instead of the other way around ><**** – so i’m having to rework that right now)

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2 Responses to “you gotta love mother nature….”

  1. Annarchy Says:

    Your xenoceratops head is frickin amazing! I really like the style of all your work, but this one is just awesome. I want to see it done, cast, and painted!

  2. d2 Says:

    thanks so much for the kind words ^^ i must admit, i’m surprised to not see other dinosaur bjds – but i’m hoping when i do the feathered utahraptor i have planned, it will turn out just as well.

    i’d love to do other extinct animals, but it can be hard to find good reference pictures

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