no pictures, but a quick word of update

i’m working on my new set of molds using the legos – it’s going pretty well, except that 1300 legos apparently isn’t enough pieces…. i didn’t think my molds were that big.

this weekend is expected to be very cloudy/rainy (yay for rain! ) so pictures might not be coming until tuesday when there will hopefully be some sun.

i’ve also been working hard on my large girl body and redoing my large boy body – while it was nicely sculpted, it was looking too big for the heads so i’ve been working on carving it down and reshaping a few of the curves. all in all, things are going pretty well. i have about half the money i need for new mold materials and will have the rest when i get paid in two weeks – so i’ll be ordering more molding stuff at the end of the month. yay!

however – i *still* haven’t been able to open the part A of my normal resin so might have to get more of that too – but it sucks, the bottle is half full!!!!!! i also need to sit down and clean out the empty resin and mold bottles/buckets so i can put those in the recycling. my mom said that she had good luck with orange cleaner for getting the stuff clean – which will be good, because that will help clear out some space from my little casting room (i’m using what is supposed to be the little laundry room, but since we don’t own a washer and dryer, i was able to set up my sculpting stuff down there)

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