despite the weather i’ve started molding!

take that heat and humidity!

i’ve got most of my mini girls’ parts ready to mold and i’ve poured the first part of the molds for cooper and xolotl’s heads.

my set up -

i’m trying glove molds where i’ll cut the seam along the side – i saw it on the joint and it seemed to work really well -

the poured molds – ugh, lots of bubbles, but these are junk molds just to get them into resin so it should be okay….

and clearly i’ll have plenty of cardboard -

and then, i worked a lot on noir yesterday and today. of course, i haven’t taken pictures of her today… but these are from last night. she’s had a lot more done since then, like the rest of her face (sans ears), arms, and one foot so far –

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2 Responses to “despite the weather i’ve started molding!”

  1. patl Says:

    love noir’s body! someday, I hope to get one of these from you!

  2. darkmoth Says:

    thanks – my goal is to get the body to reflect the drawing, with all those extreme curves.

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