having some fun ~

August 30th, 2016 by _d2_

even though she still has a lot of work left to her (stupid tentacles) i decided to play a little with mononoke in a photoshoot.

she certainly has the creepy japanese yokai/yurei crawl thing down…

A new photoshoot

August 22nd, 2016 by _d2_

i intended to do a quick shoot with amaterasu, kame, and a bust piece i had done… yeah, kame clearly had other ideas.

just a little post today…

August 20th, 2016 by _d2_

to be honest, i’ve been busy with guests over (first my mom came for a visit – which was fun! then my roommate had her mom over, which was also fun! so… yeah… not much got done there) and dealing with my dog (how is it that the dog hurts his back and gets put on bedrest, and yet i’m the one stuck sitting on the floor doing nothing beside him?!?!? probably because he follows me everywhere i go…. )

so i haven’t gotten much sculpting done or new photographs, though i did have a recent shot with amaterasu. i’ve shared a few pictures up on my instagram and of course on my patreon page where’s she’s been the featured doll this month.

but i thought i’d share just a couple pics here as well…

i also finally got around to posting the next batch of photo-prints in my etsy shop. it’s been hard trying to figure out which ones to print and if i have a good size since i’m not getting much feedback on it T_T


emergency doll sale~

August 13th, 2016 by _d2_

if you’ve been following me here on this blog or on facebook, you know that this year has been rather unkind to me in the way of unexpected and large expenses….

and while this time it’s not an animal in need, but rather my car, i still haven’t recovered my emergency funds since the last event (well, most recently it was toby throwing his back out and requiring a trip to the emergency vet… plus he has to have surgery soon to remove a tumor that’s giving him trouble walking)

so, i’m posting up for sale some of my resin bjd parts. i must admit, i’ve not really been following the companies too much since i’m having so much fun making and photographing my own, so hopefully these prices are reasonable.

also, the pics aren’t the best – i know – but in trying to fight off cat who was wanting to play in the fabric for the backdrops i didn’t exactly get the most in-focus shots… i can always take new pictures if you want.

first some terms:

1) prices do NOT include shipping. i will give you an estimate as to what shipping will cost and ask that you pay half of it.

2) payment will only be through paypal – this way we both have protection.

3) i have feedback on den of angels under the name “darkmothflame” – i’ve been in the hobby for a number of years, but recently have sort of stopped following the community side of it as i went more towards OOAK clay bjds rather than resin…

4) if you have any questions or are interested in anything, please send an email to: D2 @ CIRQUEDEFANTOMES . COM (you’ll need to remove spaces – i just don’t feel like dealing with spambots… sorry! )


1) first up is a volks sd17 boy body (this is from the blackjack preorder doll). i received him in late march of this year, and mostly had the doll dressed and sitting on the couch in display. please note this is ONLY for the body + extra hands.

i haven’t noticed any yellowing compared to my other newer volks, but there is a slight discoloration near his right shoulder. his body also has a rougher texture than other volks i’ve gotten in the past (but the kiriko and michele i’ve received recently also have this same texture, so i don’t know if volks is changing their resin? )

i would prefer to ship this body unstrung to save on costs, but if you want i can ship it strung but would ask for the buyer to cover more of the costs of shipping.

PRICE: 800 + shipping





2) this is a set of unoa faceplates and a headback cast by buffdolls. the faceplates are b-el (decadent and sleeping) in FAIRY skin (white skin) and the headback is in FRESH (pale normal skin) – the match is semi-decent and would easily be covered by a wig (the headcap isn’t quite as pink as it appears in the pictures… )

i am the first owners of the plates and headback – i received the faceplates in february of this year and the headback in may of this year. i am NOT looking to split up this set – sorry!

PRICE: 75 + shipping




3) normal skin sleeping MNF rin head. i am NOT the first owner of this head, which i got a couple years ago…. but i don’t remember how old she is… i *think* she’s from when the doll was first released (the limited sheep set). i don’t have any new normal skin mnfs to compare her to so i don’t know if she’s yellowed, but i think she might be considering her age (she’s the same or close to the same color as my other ns dolls from them, but they’re all a couple years old too…. )

she does have some residue from faceups in her eyes and ears and a little bit on the back of her head.

PRICE: 30 + shipping




4) tan skin open-eyed sia head. i am the first owner of this head, which i got at the beginning of this year. she is my only tan doll from fairyland so i don’t know if she’s yellowed or anything. however, she does have some sanding marks and marbling on the top of her head and on the inside of the head cap. this is NORMAL for a tan doll (from pretty much any company really… colored resins are hard T_T )

she’s never had a face up either.

PRICE: 50 + shipping




a few random pics

August 8th, 2016 by _d2_

sorry – i don’t have much to say…

my mom recently came up for a visit, and she gave me a few hinamatsuri doll heads she had gotten awhile back with the idea of trying to make dolls off of them. they’re really lovely and i can’t wait to have some time to play around with them and make them into BJDs of some sort…

but in the meantime, i took a few shots of amaterasu with them. i’m currently featuring her on my patreon page.


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^