a sketchy update

February 21st, 2016 by _d2_

sorry – couldn’t resist… i have little brain power this week, though i have been making progress on things! amaterasu is all done and in the process of getting her primer coats so i can paint her soon. i have a batch of kasa-obake coming together for sale soon, and i’ve been doodling some.

it’s these doodles i figure i’d share this time around.

first up are some more martial artist characters…. now if only i can figure out a good way to combine wuxia with kaiju…

of course i found some time to do a few women too – though my women always seem to end up being strange spirits…

the first two are revists of a couple earlier sketches i did… last year? i think…
the last one in this group i have no idea what’s going on, but boy did i have a lot of fun with her expression!

and of course i found time to revisit an old friend… when i was little, i used to say good night every night to the boogeyman because i believed that he protected good children. and over the years, i have drawn my vision of what he looked like, thinking that maybe someday i would find the perfect project for him… but until then, i have fun just drawing him doing various normal things (and non-normal things… )

sorry for the silence.

February 16th, 2016 by _d2_

but it’s been a rough few weeks… january 31st my grandfather passed away, and february 1st i had to say goodbye to one of my dearest friends, treize. yes, i realize a lot of people might think it’s silly to be so upset over the loss of a cat, but she was an important part of my life for over 14 years and helped me through some of my worst emotional whirlwinds and depressive episodes. i truly think she was one of the strongest forces to help me overcome the suicidal depression that had plagued me for a lot of my teen years.

so… while i had been working here and there over the weeks on projects and taking pictures, i just… found it hard to do much of anything. and i still have all those pics, but now when i look back at them i just feel overwhelmed trying to sort out the chaos that was going on. not to mention the thought of sorting and editing nearly 600 pictures scares me…

so instead of trying to catch the blog up on what i’ve done, i’m just going to post the pictures of amaterasu i took when i got her (mostly) completed. i figure i’ll just take a deep breath and start fresh. and when i get my other projects completed, then i’ll post the new pics of them – i’m working on some kasa-obakes and getting amaterasu ready to paint, as well as finishing up the tea set i made for kame… so there has been a lot going on, just… not good at processing the pics…

i hope next week will be back to normal… if not i may just update with a few sketches i’ve done.


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^