belated posting ~

December 26th, 2015 by _d2_

with the holiday season, it’s expected that things would get belated, right?

well, once again i don’t have any in-progress shots to share, but i do finally get to share some pics of a secret project i had been working on ^^

my roommate and best friend is a huge fan of invader zim, and so for christmas i made her a simple gir BJD. sure, he’s far from perfect, but i’m proud of him and she loves him to bits and that’s all that matters, right?

i also played around with one of my christmas presents from my mom – an action figure of the 1996 gamera *^^* i love kaiju, and i’ll admit, i sort of like gamera more than godzilla by a *tiny* bit – so it’s great to finally have my own mini-kaiju around! i hope to someday get more (or at least a godzilla and truly geek out by having them fight… ah, someday maybe? perhaps after godzilla kicks king kong’s butt (and not like in that truly dreadful one from the 60s…. ))

gallery post

December 20th, 2015 by _d2_

so this week, my mom came up for some family time – and it’s been great! but, it also means i’ve not gotten a whole lot done… or rather, i am, but i’m too busy chatting to remember to take pictures and what not…

but we did take a day for her to help me improve my photos, and in the end i think i got some decent ones ^^

here are some of pestilence –

and then i took some of our two completed class dolls – mochi and ryu. there is still a LOT of room for improvement with these pictures… especially trying to pose two dolls together. i’m not sure why, but i just have a hard time making it look natural for multiple figures to interact.

she also brought up her version of the shirokabuto – and while still a work in progress, he’s an impressive piece.

i got a new job this week….

December 11th, 2015 by _d2_

thanks to one of our beloved cats, my new title is “cat butt wiper”.

actually, in all seriousness, i lost all the great momentum i had at the beginning of the week because bug had to have emergency bladder stone surgery on tuesday, and since then he’s had more than a few instances of peeing on himself, the poor guy.

before all that happened, i was doing great! i had gotten some test stringing of mononoke done, i was getting the legs made on the chaise, and i had even managed to get through most of my fan pattern tests before i got derailed! all that in 2.5 days ~_^

so on to the pictures:

first up, mononoke of course! i got all of her legs cast, including some extra casts to replace some of the broken parts. her legs ALONE contain over 110 pieces, so statistically speaking, there were quite a few broken (but i only had to fully replace 5 pieces, so i think that’s a good run)

next up, i need to do the minor repairs on some pieces and start adding in her suction cup and refining the “hip” piece of each leg. each segment, minus the hip and end, will have 1~2 suction cups, and her end “feet” will have probably 4 or 5 depending on the final layout of the cups. so that’s now a minimum of 128 suction cups that i have to sculpt….

now she’s on pipe cleaners for these pics – but i will definitely be wiring her legs in the end so she can still do these standing poses.

next up, her fan! i drew out a design, and made two testing out different spoke designs… i was really in the middle of these tests when bug had to go to the vet, and i think i’ve just about forgotten all of my mental notes by now – but i do remember that i think i decided i need to figure out a hybrid system or something, because while both the wire and the cut out cardboard worked, neither worked 100% to my satisfaction.

well, once things calm down a bit more i’ll get back to playing with these fans – i’m also torn as to whether or not i should make the fan part bigger? it seemed like it was large enough when drawn, but when cut up and folded, it feels a bit small…

but just to give an idea of scale – this is 1/4 inch graph paper they’re made out of.

as i said, i also worked on the chaise and got the feet sculpted and started to refine them. they need to be sanded and more detail built up, and i got the velvet to start the upholstering once i get the rest of the details sculpted/figured out… however, i forgot to pick up any trim for the thing ><###

and lastly, i doodled. because lets face it, i’m always drawing – especially when stressed! and it’s something i can easily toss aside if i need to chase after the cat to make sure he pees in the right spot or not jump up on things…

but this time around, as i talked with my mom a few times about how i wanted to start making tsukumogami for my dolls to use as props in photos, i came up with these:

first is kame with a kasa-obake. second is otohime, um, fighting with a chochin-obake? i think i need to finish this girl soon so i can get a handle on her personality… (this is actually the second version of the sketch as the first one felt a little too passive/safe)

and yes, i doodled another turtle early in the week because the image struck me as i was watching cartoons… but then yesterday i saw the new trailer for the second movie and i’m as giddy as a school girl! though, raph lost his totally hot leather kilt… sigh…

…. ahem… yes, well, here is leo doing a split….

a slower week…

December 4th, 2015 by _d2_

because i got horribly sick for two days (ah, the joys of having chronic illnesses… ) but i got more done than i thought i had.

firstly, i’ve been working away at getting mononoke’s tentacles cast! she actually has 5, with one curing right now, but i only took a pic with four:

i also got all of amaterasu’s hands mocked up:

and while those were going and drying (since that’s mostly back burner kinds of things) i pulled out a design i had wanted to do for halloween, but obviously missed big time… 3 fingered jack. right now her head looks rather dumpy… sigh… i hope i can get it looking better with time. but yeah, she’s really rough – i need to start carving down her bits and pieces, but she too has since been moved to the back burner as i try to finish up another project.

the doll that saw the most progress, i suppose, was saru. i cleaned up her eyes, tried to fix her nose (i think it ended up more slanted than before ><### ) and tried to reshape her upper lip a little. i also worked on cleaning out her torso and started the hip sections. currently she wears clothes designed for a slim mini BJD (i tried her in some clothes from dollmore) and a 7/8inch wig. she also wears either 12 or 14mm eyes - can't remember for sure… anyway - i plan for her to be about 62~65cm tall, but it looks like that's going to be all in her legs ~_^ (the pic of her next to another doll - that's a mini super dollfie body from volks, which is a 45cm tall doll, but on the chunkier side)

and of course i doodled some when sick… well, okay the first drawing i did i think a week or so ago? maybe longer… well, it was after watching some episodes of the TMNT cartoon from the mid-2000s (she’s inspired by the character quarry, who is one of my favorite background characters)

the the next one is an arachnoid of some sort – i couldn’t decide between a scorpion and a spider, and well, that’s what happens…

the third is a possible rabbit version of saru.

the fourth is off an idea my roommate said when we were looking at various pics of lunar moths

the next two are for one creature – a possible kaiju… and i’m embarrassed to say, i can’t for the life of me remember the name of the one he’s off of (i know it was from the original ultraman show… it was a creature on 4 legs, and it’s skull-esque face opened to real a different face )

the last one is going to be called “the elder” and is inspired by gamera (and who doesn’t love gamera? )


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^