food for thought?

April 25th, 2015 by _d2_

so after some thinking… i have plans to do some first rounds of xiang cast in flumo to offer in my etsy shop in a month or two (have spectrum coming up in less than a month now which is throwing me into a tizzy – i’m so excited and nervous! )

but what i’m unsure of… should i offer pre-finished ones, or have blanks that i would then finish based on the buyers ideas? should i offer both? whatever happens – i will have to finish the designs myself and they would be permanent coloring since the flumo has to be sealed so that it does not degrade as fast.

anyway – i hope to start the molds this coming week. it’ll be a miracle if i can get them all done before spectrum though – but i’m looking at maybe july for the first couple in my shop? and if this goes well, i may look to doing this same method with the lace kirin i’m working on as well.

i’ve also started the next set of busts as well… so hopefully my etsy shop won’t be so empty soon!

and here’s xiang…

April 20th, 2015 by _d2_

here are the shots i got before getting so frustrated at my stupidity. i currently now have her unstrung and waiting to be truly finished with the locks on her legs so she can stand…

i’ve also been working on the rhino head (diceros) and it’s coming along cutely…. but i’ll likely from it and the lace kirin as i’m just not feeling them… no, my heart and soul is demanding monsters, so that’s what i hope to work on for a bit.

she’s wearing monster high clothes and shoes, a 5inch wig (though i think she needs something more like a 4.75), and 10mm eyes.

here comes the elephant!

April 19th, 2015 by _d2_

i *thought* i had her all done – but in taking final pose shots before i seal her – i discovered i forgot a major thing…. locks in her joints to make her stable! ><# but before i get ahead of myself - this post is to catch up on all the in progress pictures i took before i get to the studio shots of xiang. because there were so many pictures taken over the last 2 months, i condensed them down but they now look a little funny…
picture one: this little montage is about starting her foot and leg. i have her next to a monster high girl (um…. bonita i think? the skeleton moth girl… ). you can also see one of my favorite assets – her little toes! normally i hate feet, but i’m very happy with how hers came out.

picture two: it took me awhile to get the feet done – there was a lot of test fitting (as you can see with the green shoe in the right corner). and they were in nice scale with her hands – which are still in progress here as well.

picture three: here she is against the MH girl to compare size – about now i also realized her neck was tilting… it was confirmed when i drew lines following the mid points of the chest and the neck – you can see the lines are not the same. so i had to break the neck off and reposition it… it wouldn’t be the first time i’ve had to break apart pieces and put them back together…

picture four: took a break for some posing tests! i thought at this point things were going well (how did i miss the locks at this point????? T_T )

picture five: random pieces! weeee – this is how she spent quite awhile as i worked on some other things (ie. the busts… ) but eventually i got back to work, including sanding her hands and doing some arm posing tests. you can see i also started to notice something wrong with her hips…

picture six: comparison against kirin – she’s so tiny! and below that you can see i had to break apart her hips so i could get the hip balls lined up correctly (not only was the hip piece itself crooked, but one of the hip balls was crooked on top of that…. it was a number of frustrated hours trying to get it all fixed… ). i also tested her headcap with magnets – they work! she’ll be using six magnets to hold it on, but they keep it on pretty well. it holds with her ears as well, i just didn’t get a picture of that…

picture seven: the fun one! shoe testing! not all of the monster high shoes fit – they need to be the slightly larger/more open styles (if out of the hard plastic) or the softer/stretchier ones (if the more rubbery plastic). out of about 20 pairs, i found half fit – now these are shoes for the standard sized girls (not the little sisters, like howleen or twyla – their shoes are too small, or the larger girls, like clawdia or nefera – i don’t have these larger girls, so i don’t know if their shoes would fit)

finally done~

April 2nd, 2015 by _d2_

sorry – this is going to be a picture heavy post! but i got my first four busts done! sure, there are flaws and parts that i don’t like about each one, but over all i’m pretty happy with them! i have a TON of pics of each, but i’m just going to post a handful of each otherwise this will get waaaaaaay too long.

so here is the first bust – i’d been calling her the lace bust, but honestly i think she needs a better name…

next one i’ve been calling the lotus bust – but i guess it’s not really a lotus, i don’t know… again, she needs a better name!

the third bust is my owl bust. pretty self-explanatory, i used a barn owl skull for inspiration – this one i did for my mom as part thank you, part happy birthday, and part mother’s day gift…

and the last bust – i’ve been calling this my fish bust. originally she was going to be more of a venetian masquerade piece, but her ruffle turned into fins and it just sort of went downhill from there ^_^;;;;;;

this is the one i have the strongest feelings about… i’m madly in love with her – except her hand. i hate her hand. i can’t believe i did such a stupid hand… i can only hope that it will fade into the base and people will focus only on her head…


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