back on track…

March 18th, 2015 by _d2_

okay, here is the next dreaming kirin update… i got distracted by working on those same 4 busts that are taking forever to finish and little xiàng.

so i left off with a pic of the new foot with it’s built in hook and ankle cap – yay! it was a pain to get it nice and smooth, but i think it’s totally worth it!

i also did a shoe test using the same shoes from when i tested the first kirin – and they both still fit! well, the high heels are a little big now – her toes show a bit more than the first version of the foot, but i think she still looks good in them.

and what were some of those extra details i mentioned? why little eyelets at her knees for starters!

and fixing the lace on her shoulders to come down further in front and in back, as well as doing a little carving around the flower in her chest to make it a little more decorative and a little less flat:

you can see in the second pic that i started to doubt the look of her lower torso. my first thought was to add or change the cut outs, but in the end, i decided it was just all too busy and filled it in solid:

and that’s the end of catch up posting! well, for now anyway… i have a TON more pics to clean up and post (including a bunch of xiàng) but for now i’m going back to concentrating on sculpting ^^;;;;

minor break from catch up

March 15th, 2015 by _d2_

i have a serious love-hate relationship with this girl…

i love how kirin looks in pictures, for the most part, and i adore her little face. but she’s a pain in the a$$ to photograph because – being my first completed doll – she sucks at posing. i didn’t know much about jointing and such when i worked on her, and even though i learned a lot afterwards i never updated her before putting her in resin… not the smartest idea, but live and learn, right?

well, last night i pulled out some yarn i had gotten to make wigs and decided to make one for her. not entirely sure why, but it was a lot of fun.

oops, missed a day ~

March 14th, 2015 by _d2_

sorry about that… yesterday i was… i don’t know what i was. and today i’ve got a really bad migraine again from an incoming storm (i’ve already taken one nap and may be going to bed early… )

but enough of that. i have more pictures to share with you, and of course i’ve been working both on this new version of kirin and on xiàng as well, along with a couple of busts. and i’m taking pictures of those so in a few months i can do this all over again ~_^

so i left off with a picture of her arm cut apart. originally i had intended to give her a three part arm, similar to the original kirin’s, with a swivel joint just below the shoulder. however, i ended up not liking how this looked when cut apart so i’ve been working on getting that arm back together and she’ll just have a regular two part arm with a single joint elbow. her posing won’t be as great as the first version, but i wanted to revamp the body with cleaner lines and i’m not good enough yet to have amazing posing and amazing looks.

i wanted to take a quick look at how she compared to the original. i must admit, i giggle sometimes when i think about how i’m working on a “recast” of my own doll… though i suppose many doll makers do the same when they retool bits and pieces…

so all the while, i’d spend a few minutes here and there working on the feet, trying to get them looking better and slightly flatter so she can stand more easily. when i originally sculpted kirin, i planned on making some custom high-heel shoes for her as she was to be a OOAK…. but when i got talked into casting her in resin, that all got forgotten really ^^;;;;

so, i started off by adding more clay to her heel and trying to angle the toes to be flatter… for some reason, i only have this picture from that beginning stages:

from there i cut off the ankle ball – i also wanted to try and update as many of her joints as possible, including doing what i can to remove finishing steps like drilling holes for metal bars in the ankles and wrists. i haven’t started on the wrists yet, but i’m really happy with how the ankles came out.

once again – you can see that the flumo casting left me with hollow pieces, even though they look solid from the outside. but that’s okay, it just gives me a better way to anchor the clay as i build up her hooks.

of course, one *slight* draw back to using flumo casts and then carving/reshaping them – her feet are smaller than the originals:

and i got both hooks started and worked on refining/smoothing them:

and so it doesn’t become yet another super picture heavy post i’ll end here for today… i’ll finish share feet pics plus extra little details i started doing to help bring her whole look together ~_^

more catch up pics

March 12th, 2015 by _d2_

so yesterday i ended with this pic:

and even though i had been careful while cutting it out, it didn’t turn out so well so i started to turn it into something more sakura petal-ish (you can also see the next stage of the new arm base) :

and after some clean up – i also gave her a small detail at the small of her back:

and in the meantime, i also started her new head cap – i placed plastic wrap over her head in hopes of creating a nice tight fitting headcap that could dry on the head and stay close in shape. this did not work and i’m still working on refining and refitting it T_T

after letting the headcap dry some i cut out the center and then began to build it up:

and here it hit me…. something felt really off and i finally admitted to myself that i might need to fix her face – so i drew lines along the middle of her face, nose, and mouth. these lines did not all match up ><### so what was i left to do? why, cut off the nose and mouth and reposition them. luckily, both were cut off cleanly

putting them back on in better alignment – i know it doesn’t look it here, but it does end up being an improvement down the line!

so all the while i worked on her head, i was also working on other parts, including finishing up the base for the arms and made a couple of casts to use on this new girl.

so next up, we’ll look at the arms, calves, and feet of this new kirin transformation!

first of the lace updates

March 11th, 2015 by _d2_

okay, so i was really bad about keeping things in order and processing these pictures so… here are the first batch of random pics that are (hopefully) in order of how i worked on her. i’ll upload more tomorrow.

i used a cast of the dreaming modded kirin head (hence why i was calling her lace or dreaming kirin… but i’m not sure that’s going to stick), i also am using casts of original torso and arm parts, and casts of the kirin calves and feet (i forgot i also molded her feet in my last update ><;;; ) okay - so to start out i had the head and i started to cut out an eyelet pattern on her chest:

i then started to build up some basic eyelet lace detail around her shoulders -

about this time i also started what would later become a basic arm shape that i would mold and make casts of for various dolls:

okay, back to the head and torso!

now – the first version of kirin has a terrible head-headcap system and i knew that was something i HAD to fix ASAP in the new girl. luckily, the way you cast flumo leaves you with a hollow shell (just like casting porcelain) so it’s easy to build up the inside of her head.

i also worked on fixing some parts of her face (and if you look really closely, you’ll realize that this is a different cast from what i first showed! that’s because i didn’t like how the mouth was going in the first one i did…)

and to end this update: i had decided to try and draw out a pattern for her lower torso… in the end, this wouldn’t work, but i’ll still post it up as the last pic for today ~_^

it’s sort of funny in a way…

March 10th, 2015 by _d2_

i’ve gotten a lot better about taking pictures as i sculpt over the last year… and yet i’m still terrible at posting them up here. sure you’ve gotten to see pics of plague and kame as i finished them up… but the in progress pics of my other projects, not so much.

so i finally went back to when i last processed working pics (ie. beginning of january ^^;;;; ) and started processing them. of course i was too lazy to really correct for color and what on most of them, so be prepared for either washed out or yellowness. you can tell i sculpt pretty much whenever the feeling hits me no matter what time of day ><# anyway… there are a LOT of pics to share, so it's going to be over the next several days that i post them… but first up i thought i'd share a couple of pics of molds i had worked on. i took parts of kirin (her head, thighs, and calves) along with a torso i had sculpted from scratch and made plaster molds of them so that i could pour parts to then use as bases to mod into new dolls. it's been working great. perhaps too well… but it's part of what enabled me to finish plague so quickly - i used cast parts for her torso and calves. i've also been using some casts of the torso and head to create mini busts that i'll share pics of later on (as in like fifty million months once it's all done and said with… ) as well as to create my *hopefully* next doll to cast in resin. but i also cast some other parts - such as antlers and the venus head i sculpted… what, 6 or 7 years ago? i got the urge to revamp her and try to make some busts with her head as well (i'm also hoping to do the same with the saru head i did) so nothing really fancy, just some random pics: first up, with the kirin head i took the original master head and added some clay to the eyes and nose. i wanted to give her a dreaming expression and fix the crookedness in her face some… later i would find this didn't work so well, but it was worth a shot!

i also used the clay to mod her hips/thighs from two pieces to one… sadly, i ended up having to toss this mold completely as it just wouldn’t work. but the ones for her calves did. of course, i didn’t really take pics of the calves that i could find… maybe i did and they’re just in a random folder…

but then came the venus head – i had forgotten how happy i was with this head but because of the way i sculpted her there was nothing i could do with her until it was molded and cast in a different material (i had done her waaaaay back when to help my mom write up a class on sculpting a head using a base form – so she’s actually premier clay added onto a resin “skull” and then sealed with two different colors of automotive primer because my grey primer gunked up on me ><####### )

i’ve since tried to do a casting, but i didn’t let it build up thick enough before pouring off the slip so it broke when i pulled the mold open. c’est la vie.

well, that’s sort of it for now… tomorrow i’m hoping to post up some of the various pics i’ve taken of the lace modded dreaming kirin since i don’t recall sharing any official pics of her progress.


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^