black plague

February 28th, 2015 by _d2_

plague is finally finished – bringing my total of completed dolls to 3!

and the number of dolls who can easily stand on their own: 0 out of 3… i see i have a problem… hopefully whenever i finish amaterasu i can fix that streak, but lately i’m just not “feeling” her and it’s frustrating me. i think the disappointment over her hands has killed my enthusiasm temporarily.

but in the meantime, i’m working on the next version of kirin and some small busts to try and sell on etsy and here are some pics of plague to enjoy:

kame pics finally!

February 22nd, 2015 by _d2_

i just took these today – i love how sinister they feel. ever since she was first finished last year i was never sure if she was to be fully trusted. though right now she could be mad that i took 6 months to fix her after NIADA, and in that time i worked on other dolls…

i still need to repair/redo her wig though…

sorry – no update really

February 13th, 2015 by _d2_

i know it’s been a week since my last update and you’d think with another finished project i’d have more updates, but the truth is i’ve been busy doing a finishing lesson on the mochi rabbit BJD class through a for artistic, sealing plague, and starting a couple of busts/statuettes.

so… i’m working on stuff, just… no pictures! and i realized i need to get better as i was trying to look for some older pictures of the venus head i made (i plan on molding her head in plaster so i can use some for busts and then maybe mod a cast to fit on a body for casting in resin) – but sadly i have like… nothing on her… but man do i have a LOT of projects that need to be finished!

it was oddly inspiring to look through all these old pictures (early pierrot, working on basil’s body, creating venus, and more recently boarcroc and xenoceratops) and i need to kick myself into working on finishing these guys QUICKLY!

but i think i also say that at least… 3 or 4 times a year, don’t i?

but on my plate right now: kame, plague, amaterasu, and a couple of busts.

next on my plate: a dreaming kirin mod, otohime, xiang, and pierrot v.3 (okay, really it’s more like version 1,573 with how many times she’s been worked and reworked over the years… over 7 years in the making and she’s STILL not done…)

and after that: xenoceratops, basil/ronald, and boarcroc (it’ll be interesting to work on these large guys again after doing so many small ones! )

i figure if i write this down, maybe i’ll actually stick to it?

oh – yeah, and i’ll try to get some pics up soon of what i’ve been working on ~_^

finished plague!

February 6th, 2015 by _d2_

well, okay, not ENTIRELY finished… i still have to seal and paint her though.

but here are some pics!

the coming plague

February 4th, 2015 by _d2_

so what have i been working on in this silence during the kirin preorder? well, my little dead bird-girl plague. those who friended me on facebook have seen a few of these pics already, but here is the whole lot.

i’ve got a lot further than these pictures suggest – i just haven’t taken new ones, and these are from several weeks ago up until a couple days ago (i just sort of took pics as i worked, but never uploaded them) – though i took all of them pretty much in crappy light with my iphone so the quality sucks, but hey, that seems to be par for the course for me T_T

so, working my way back from the oldest:

started modding a broken flumo cast to be skeletal – i don’t remember how many times i’ve broken those ribs as i worked on the torso…

further work, and starting to mod the lower torso as well:

next up, i started creating her spine – some how i made it all curvy, so i guess not only being dead, she has scoliosis as well…

i spent quite awhile on her torso getting it how i wanted it and mostly avoiding doing limbs because i knew i’d have to sculpt them from scratch and i wasn’t really looking forward to that…

and i worked on some feet – again modded flumo casts:

but eventually i started some arms for her – i decided to do a fully skeletal one on one side, and a desiccated upper arm on the other side going into a skeletal arm.

at first, the arm was very chunky – but i wanted to slowly carve it down so i could be sure that it was strong enough – later on i would coat the inside of the arm with flumo to add more strength.

when i got the one arm done, i decided to do a stringing test – i ended up not liking the look of the elbow bean so now she has just a ball in there so her arm is shorter, though it doesn’t have quite the same range of movement…

after i got the one arm mocked up, i was so stressed from working on those tiny forearm bones that i decided to tackle the legs next instead of the other arm. boy, was that a mistake!

the idea was to do the lower legs similar to the lower arms – and i used some flumo casts to mod… however, doing just the one was such a nightmare i decided to just do a rotting/broken leg for the other side… i don’t know if plague is really rotting or just broken mummy… but doing the one leg took me nearly a week as it was very slow going to make sure it didn’t break… the flumo was so thin that just adding glue and clay to strength it softened the flumo enough that it would bend out of shape and even crack apart.

you can see i also started some hands for her – these were a lot of fun to carve down into tense skeletal fingers, though the more out stretched hand is now positioned slightly different as i didn’t like the pose in the end, i just haven’t really taken any updated pics of the mod after i did it…

and a couple days ago i took this pic to share with my mom the progress i had made – i was swearing the whole time because she’s at that wonderful stage where it’s hard to hold her due to size, but she’s not fully string-able (at this time there were no wires in her hands/feet/head, but i have since added them)

well, i’m hoping to get her finished up ASAP so i can take some nice pics of her in my new lightbox – i think she’ll be awesome against the black… i plan on her being an aged bone color (slightly dark ivory) and her insides being a dark brownish-red and then i want to make some jewelry for her that looks like old/tarnished gold and garnet – but i haven’t been able to figure out what might look good on her…

but after her, i plan on finishing amaterasu and a new version of kirin and then i’ll pick back up my tiny elephant girl and maybe otohime… we’ll see what sorts of projects sidetrack me ~_^


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^