this is what happens….

August 29th, 2014 by _d2_

when i’m in an emotionally fragile place and find myself uninspired by my own artwork…

so these are done using photographs i took this morning, desaturated, then played a little bit with in photoshop. i’m prepared to get laughed at a bit for these, but to be honest, i don’t care. i had fun doing it and am pleased to have captured the feelings i’m having right now.

to give an idea of how i’m feeling, “kill your heroes” by awolnation and “daniel in the den” by bastille are the two songs that are really sticking with me right now.

……… well, long story short – i really think i need a new hobby. or find a place to get more old school sherlock holmes stuff…

original picture here

original picture here

original picture here

original picture here

original picture here

sometimes it’s good to lose things

August 22nd, 2014 by _d2_

i was trying to find my graph paper that i had managed to put away in a place so safe that i couldn’t remember where, and i came across these sketches for doll ideas.

maybe i’ve posted these in the past, maybe i haven’t – but it made me happy to see them again and i know what will be my side projects once i finish my current batch!

((speaking of which – kirin’s new arms are well underway and should be done in the next day or two ^^ ))

i can’t recall when this little girl was done – but i’m so happy i had this idea and the forethought to put it on paper! she’s so cute! (and yes, those are spines for her arms) i may be stealing an idea from my mom and insert a tube down her back for the elastic to hide in, but then sculpt over it to be a spine. sorry mom!

i vaguely remember coming up with this idea…. oh, i guess it must have been early 2013? maybe? it came out of a conversation with a friend about putting lighting inside of dolls and the idea of having back lit cut outs – but now that i’m also doing clear resin casting those could also make interesting pieces to inset and then light up with a little LED in the chest

this girl is at least several years old – believe it or not, she was one of the first ideas i came up with when trying to create sketches that would later grow to become kirin. can you see the resemblance? ~_^

and this one is from earlier this year when i was working with my mom to get ready for the jointing class for NIADA. i… don’t really know where she came from, but i think it could be a lot of fun. i really love dollzone’s flower based dolls so it could be an interesting challenge to create my own.

slowly recovering

August 20th, 2014 by _d2_

okay, so first off i have to say that i’m still recovering from my return trip yesterday, but since i posted on my facebook that i would post kirin info today i figured i better stick to that ^^;;;

also, those on facebook have also heard the terrible news – the horrid weather in florida managed to cause every piece of kirin’s arms to break. so now i get to spend the next week remaking her arms and repairing her hands. once those are done, i’ll be posting newer pics – but i feel horrible because i got professional pics to use as my promo shots and now they won’t even be accurate since i have to change her arms!

anyway, on to preorder stuff :

1) the preorder period will open september 8th and run through to september 20th. if i get orders for 10 dolls, this order period will close early – this is just to make it more manageable for myself.

at that time i will post how to order a girl and an email to send questions and orders to.

2) the price for a BLANK girl will be 450 + shipping. the price for a face up/body blushing (natural style) would be 60. the price for face up/body blushing (fantasy style) would be 100.

i hope to create mock ups in the next few weeks of the face up/body blushing options.

at the time the preorder is placed, i will ask for a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of 150 – this covers just the cost of having the doll cast in resin, hence why it’s not refundable if you decide to cancel your order.

3) the dolls will be cast in a semi-translucent white resin.

4) all doll orders will include a random pair of handmade eyes (made by me) – i’m still trying to decide whether or not to include a faux fur wig as well.

i have a few questions i’m waiting for answers from and those will also determine whether or not a second order for resin dolls will be done.

otherwise, all future orders of kirin will be done in flumo – it’s not as strong as resin and will have to be painted only once – therefor all dolls will be sold with a face up.

the other main issue with flumo – it SHRINKS. so the flumo cast kirins will be smaller than their resin counterparts, and once those are made (probably not until february or march of next year) i will be posting pics to show the differences and more info on flumo orders at that time.

a hint of things to come

August 17th, 2014 by _d2_


i’ve got two projects already in the works and slated to be finished by the end of this year (kirin in resin is obviously one of them, another is putting together stuff for an online BJD class with my mom)

but for next year, i have two ideas i really want to see done by the end – or sooner if things work out and i get the chance to go to spectrum next may.

anyway, these are ideas that came to me after talking with other artists and seeing the various dolls here at NIADA – a lot of interesting people and pieces, and still so intimidating! i’m not sure it’s something i want to join, since what i want to do is different – i want to make dolls and then photograph them and have photographs as my finished piece – but i certainly wouldn’t mind coming back again.

i must apologize – the pictures aren’t the best as the lighting in the hotel was… well, it was great mood lighting, terrible picture lighting.

first up is the first idea i had – this is the one i talked about in the last post of the jointed skeleton. and since most of my dolls now have japanese names (kirin, kame, otohime, amaterasu… ) i felt that she, too, should have a japanese name because she feels like part of the 100 demons theme.

and after a bit of roaming around through the dictionary i settled on “nisemono” – it flows off the tongue nicely, and it means impostor, which i felt really fit the piece -

and now perhaps you understand my bizarre ramblings about skeletons and bone china – i not only love the look of bone china, but to me there’s something appealing about sculpting bone and having it be made from bone… however i have the feeling i may have to make a few of these before i’m confident enough to put her into bone china -

next up is a second idea that came to me after i had a critique done on my work by a fabulous new zealand artist tanya marriott (her website here ) as well as talking to my mom about the ideas of triptychs for spectrum.

i’ve not fully decided on who she is, but the idea is of having a box that looks like the doors on gothic cathedrals, and then opens up to reveal this being coming out of stained glass windows, and that part of the doll would be drawn on (a set of the arms) and the rest would be separate and posable.

2nd set of florida pics

August 15th, 2014 by _d2_

nothing too new or exciting, just some pics i took yesterday in the hotel room.

i have come up with some new ideas (including the idea of a skeleton jointed like the old penny wooden dolls) and really REALLY wishing i had the space to do porcelain… or rather, find a way to recreate the look of bone china. but since what i know of is slip casting it would be a different process i think… i’m not sure, and it’s just one more thing to read about.

but i love the idea of translucency and the subtle warmth that porcelain can give off – if you’re a master of it.

but perhaps it’s also a bit of a simple pleasure – the thought of creating skeletal creatures using bone china (which, of course, contains bone)

anyway – it’s all stuff that i hope to look into once i regain my brain after the trip.

in the mean time, here are the pics:

again, kirin seems to be having fun, but once again i only managed to take a few pics of her… (of course this girl is starting to get scuffed up and she’s supposed to be getting some professional pictures taken of her tomorrow! gah! )

but the two “sisters” together – while taking these i was sure kame was cursing me – she looked so demonic and angry.

and just one of kame by herself – i think she’s really hoping for that spa day where she can get all cleaned up!

humidity = sticky

August 14th, 2014 by _d2_

i’m in florida.

it’s hot.

it’s muggy.

i hate it.

but that said, it’s an interesting experience to meet so many different artists and, truth be told, i like to watch their faces to see their physical reactions to the dolls my mom and i create. sometimes i think that’s more true than their words. and so far, it’s been pretty positive.

now, i helped my mom teach her class yesterday, but on tuesday i was able to sneak some pics of kirin and kame around the hotel – i got a few inside (where the lighting was bad) and a few outside (before the humidity made my girls sticky and me miserable)

sadly, kame is NOT looking so hot with her wig – she doesn’t like to travel and the humidity is killing her wig. the poor thing… i must remember to give her a spa day sometime soon!

anyway, on to the pics – somehow i managed not get a single pic of the two together to come out.

kame’s up first!

and kirin! she seems to enjoy travel, even if her finger broke… and of course i took fewer pics of her ><#

just a quickie note

August 6th, 2014 by _d2_

i’ll be at NIADA from august 11th through the 19th and so i won’t be updating my blog until after then – but i’ve just about worked out all possible details for a kirin preorder.

i just need to find out a few pieces of information before making things official, but i hope to post the info shortly after i get back from NIADA.

if this method works okay, i may use it to release other dolls down the line (i’m currently working on a new torso and other modifications so that pierrot, xolotl, cooper, voodoo and other heads can fit on kirin’s body/aesthetic)


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^