another repaint break

May 30th, 2014 by _d2_

i got my butt kicked a second time by amaterasu, so while i prepare her legs to be molded and i get my courage up to work in miliput to create her fingers, i took a day to recoup and work on another artistic venture.

yep, that’s right, another monster high repaint! i just adore their sculpting – they can be very inspiring! and i’d like to think i’m getting better with each one… maybe?

once again i used a spectra (i love white/pale dolls because i love to create gothic and/or ghostly images) – i pinned her hair up for fun with some black flowers, but i think i want to make it permanent and figure out some kind of lace dress for her….

and maybe i need to make a few rooms (or a house or two) to hold all my dolls. maybe one of these days i’ll even get a pic of all my repainted MH dolls.

anyway, i know she’s got flaws and i still have a lot of room for improvement, but i’m happy nonetheless.

a little delayed…

May 27th, 2014 by _d2_

and not a lot of progress. sigh. i under estimated the spider legs big time. i’ve put in probably about 10 hours on these legs so far (over a couple of days) and i’ve got about…. 1.5 roughly done. curse you, creativity! why must you confound me so!

okay, but here are some pics -

testing the joint mock up – works pretty well! seems easy enough too…

and some close ups of her face – i was refining her lips mostly, but now i need to even out her cheeks, forehead, and back of the head -

can i just say how happy i am with her ears? they used to be so hard for me to draw or sculpt, and now i find them fun!

i also started on the fingers for one hand -

i’m going to use a pin joint like what you find on action figures so i don’t have to futz with elastics thru the small hand

my lovely work space – all of those pieces… omg, it’s a good thing she’s a OOAK!

there are 9 pieces per leg (so 72 pieces there), 4 pieces for her torso, one for her head – and i haven’t even started her arms, but those will probably be another 4 pieces each… so all total i’m looking at approx. 85 pieces going into this girl!

and what did i have at the end of the day? sort of sad, actually… this spider totally kicked my butt!

but now i’m going to be working some masks as well so i have something to refocus on when i get frustrated -

early morning update

May 24th, 2014 by _d2_

well, okay, it’s 10 am, not that early…. but i was up late last night getting all of ami’s legs sculpted, and this morning i did some test drilling as i start to mock up the joints.

so here are pics from last night -

first, new spider butt! a real, honest, round butt!

all 8 legs lined up -

tested against her body – i think they look good

and a test arm -

now from this morning, we have the leg loosely strung on a pipe cleaner -

i must be insane…

May 23rd, 2014 by _d2_

there is no other explanation for why i would make myself go through the trouble doing a jointed spider lady with hands for feet. seriously.

but, boy do i love amaterasu! and with a template, she’s coming along pretty well.

except for one thing.

her butt looks more like an ant.

should i make it a perfectly round circle like in my drawing? it could make her too heavy in back, though… but i’m just not happy with how she doesn’t truly look like a spider…

i honestly can’t remember if i showed this sketch of her – came up with it while in japan after coming across some gorgeous sakura print paper (the same paper that was used as the background in the kirin pictures)

anyway, here is how she’s looking now -

my paper template/test leg to make sure it was the right length – nice and tall. and why yes, that is a cat nose back there.

the leg skeletons all lined out – been casting these balls in flumo for a series of kits for my mom and they are amazing joint bases… so, i stole some. just have to cast more to replace them

yep, very ant-ish and not at all the cute little round spider butt

but here are 3 of the legs roughed out. sigh, not even halfway there yet!

and some close ups of her head on the torso – still quite rough. she’s going to actually be jointed at the neck rather than with an s-hook inside her head as i don’t feel like cutting her head open. and, after all, she has closed eyes so no real reason to open it ^^

and what of saru, you say? well… let’s just say i have decided to give up the resin casting… but my mom has helped me get in contact with some one who might be able to cast her for me, but it won’t be for several months… now to figure out how to raise money in the meantime….

another milestone reached!

May 21st, 2014 by _d2_

can you believe it, kirin is now 95% done and can be strung! the last 5% is just tweaking some parts so that they fit better (such as her one hip that is causing the leg to rotate, and enlarging the sockets for the wrists)

but here is my beautiful lanky girl! only problem is, now i don’t want to crackle her!!!!

she’s wearing 8mm acrylic eyes and a 5inch wig from moxxi girl – eventually i’ll make her a pair of golden eyes and a special custom white wig.

but today i’m going to be drafting her dress pieces before i take her apart to do the fixes.


look – saru’s mold is looking good! i’m going to pour the second half today and hopefully i can cast her tomorrow afternoon.

a few steps forward, and one or two steps back

May 19th, 2014 by _d2_

but actually, i think in the end the look is good!

but while double checking that eyes fit in saru’s head before i mold it, i found that she couldn’t wear eyes at all. so out came the exacto and the sand paper and i carved the eyes open and then rebuilt them around a pair of 12mm eyes. i also took the time to return her nose back to the cute little upturn at the end.

so here is saru on a luts senior delf body – fit is perfect! she wears 12mm eyes and a 7-8 wig – but i can’t say that resin will match when i cast her because i’m using a pure white resin and a natural beige resin because on my scale, trying to match company resins would be difficult….

nearly done (again)

May 16th, 2014 by _d2_

actually, i really am – i’ve just about finished up saru! i just need to sand her smooth and finish refining her headcap. she’s had her mouth changed, and minor mods to her nose and eyes (again) – i’ve also changed the inside of her head. however, she’s on hold for a day while the primer finishes drying, and it gives me time to work on kirin. who would get finished a lot faster if i stopped stepping on her hands and breaking them. le sigh. but i hope to post some new pics of her soon. she’s had a face lift too!

the white head is the resin cast of the last version of saru, and the grey is the newly modded master. okay, that made no sense….

this was before sanding her lips – nice and full!

and yet… when sanded smooth, they become thin again. what’s up with that?! but i think they look nice nonetheless.


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^