new look, new projects!

March 21st, 2014 by _d2_

okay, i know, i don’t have pictures – again – but i am busy working on stuff, i swear!

and how do you like the new layout? i’m hoping it will be easier to navigate, especially since this one has a previous post button!

i’m working on more plaster molds, and i’ve finished my first arm master and hand sets. i’ve started working on feet now, and i’ve started working on kirin as well.

i still need to make the clothes for kame too, and redo her shoes. so much to do, so little time….

a bittersweet weekend…

March 16th, 2014 by _d2_

okay, so things had been going really well – i made my first plaster molds and flumo casts and they worked great! it was wonderful! i’ve been getting the pieces of the arm done as well…

then friday i saw this stray cat with a horrible injured ear. and those who know me, know that i am a HUGE animal lover and one of my dreams is to have a cat sanctuary. so of course i just had to help him! i was unable to get him to the vet friday, but saturday i caught the boy and took him in.

in asking around, it seems like a lot of people had seen him, but that he is a stray or was dumped…. which is sad because he’s super sweet and friendly. so i got his ear patched up, had him neutered… and then found out he is FIV positive.

it was a harsh blow because my three are all negative and it can be a problem to have mixed groups, though from the research i’ve been doing in the meantime shows it is possible and chances of infection are low.

so i have since found a rescue group who may be able to take him once his ear is more healed up – but at the same time, we have fall in love with the big oaf…

but the other thing? well… um, we’re keeping patrick (what we’ve decided to call the kitty) in our big bathroom – which also happens to be connected to the closet where i keep all my molding supplies…. so, um… i can’t get in there without help (did i mention he is REALLY friendly and tries to follow you around? )

i think he’ll make a great pet – and trust me how i wish it could be with us – but i’m glad he’ll have a chance at a good home where he can be pampered.

however, he has further cemented my decision that i need a cat sanctuary – oh to win the lottery!

sorry for the late reply…

March 12th, 2014 by _d2_

but i got bad jet lag, and then i got sick and so this last week has been MISERABLE for me….

however, i have started to sculpt pieces and learn plaster molding, and i have some flumo on order so i can start playing around with creating OOAK dolls in a faster fashion – i have so many ideas that i better start making them faster or i’ll never get them done!!!

and no, i haven’t forgotten about my current doll projects either! but i need more brain power than i have right now to finish kirin, who is next on the block.

but here are some bad pics – i’m fighting with my camera. again.

well, it comes to a close…

March 2nd, 2014 by _d2_

today is my last full day in kyoto, and it’s been a pretty great trip for the most part (sure, there were some ups and downs, but what trip doesn’t? )

i’ve gotten a lot of new inspirations and i’ve had a lot of time to think about my life and where i’m going in the future (preferably back here again in the next couple of years ~_^ )

i’m feeling really inspired to finish the last few details on kame (as well as touching her up from her travels) and finishing my other sculpts. i’ve really seen the direction i want my art to go in, and i can see that i’m already heading down that path, which makes me happy. i have yet to figure out how to present my art to the world – i keep being told facebook and deviantart and the like, but i have… issues… with the way those sites are run. perhaps some sacrifice will be in order at a later point?

i would love to take other world travels to gain new inspirations in the future as well – i’d love to return to munich, and i’ve always wanted to see the UK. the world is so large that it’s hard to figure out where to go first (or how to afford going… )

well, i don’t have any new pics, but i thought i’d post two more from when we went to fushimi-inari.

and one last one of kame (from that same day) – i think we’re both very happy, and very exhausted!

lazy day….

March 1st, 2014 by _d2_

today was spent mostly wandering around and doing some casual shopping, so no real pictures…

but it did give me a chance to get pics off my iphone and i thought i’d share a few. they’re from a few different parts of the trip.

these are cake displays that were in the kyoto train station the night we arrived (they are fake, but the real cakes look just the same! )

today we did go to an art museum and a park, and along the way we passed under this HUGE tori gate over the road

the museum was a bit of a bust… very small and the only exhibits were those of a local high school – there were some amazing pieces, and some not so amazing pieces…. but the museum itself had gorgeous doors -

oh, and these are a few more from yesterday’s trip to the golden temple, i just didn’t post them because i had posted so many already…


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^