sorry, no kame today

February 28th, 2014 by _d2_

we went to two very busy/crowded places – the kinkaku-ji temple and the nishiki market. while both were amazing to visit, i only got pictures of the first one (second one had lots of no pictures signs).

oddly enough, the gold temple did not interest me that much – but the lake around it was gorgeous, as were the trees and some of the old buildings around.

so enjoy some lovely travel pics for right now!

the gold temple -

some reflections -

some koi -

some of the other buildings -

oh, and then we went to one of the local streets near the hotel and i got these -

is it too many pictures?

February 27th, 2014 by _d2_

is that why my blog has suddenly gotten so slow? for years i barely posted any, and now i’ve been going like mad with the picture updates. perhaps it’s rebelling against me….

well, i’ll have to deal with that another time. on to today’s adventures! we went to the fushimi-inari temple, the famous one with all the tori gates that’s been photographed a billion times… well, it was still an AMAZING experience to go there, and while some shots were taken of kame with the gates – they’re on my mom’s camera because i had to hold kame up in order to get any nice pictures…. we then walked around the streets just south of the imperial garden and did some shopping in some of the old stores there – including a washi paper store that is 150 years old. of course i got myself a couple sheets to play around with when i return home.

so, up first are a couple pics of kame, of course. the poor dear – i sadly found out that her gorgeous yak-hair wig is staining the white gesso…. i’ll have to figure out a solution to that when i get home….

on to the pictures!

and the gorgeous gates!

the update from hell….

February 27th, 2014 by _d2_

no, actually i’m having a great time down here in kyoto with my folks, but for some reason my blog is being UBER slow at opening and updating… so this was a bit of a nightmare to get up…

so how about some random pics from the far east?

first up are a couple of kame in my hotel room in tokyo the first day – i know i should have posted these at that point, but, well whatever.

poor girl, her hair is so messy! i need a brush and some styling spray….

next up are a couple of the local scenery – japanese crows are some of the most awesome and most demonic sounding birds i have ever come across – i remember when i was in japan back in 2006 the sounds of their cawing kept me up some nights…. if you have ever seen the movie onmiyo-ji, they really do sound like the guy’s demon crow…. plus these birds are HUGE. they may actually be ravens, but i always thought they were crows….

next are a few random architectural things – a metal decoration on a bridge, the roof to a temple, an awesome stone… pagoda(?) at another temple and a very cool tree…

oh, and what’s this? why it’s kame again! with her hair even more out of sorts and looking quite ready for bed – i don’t think she likes this traveling thing….

well… here i am….

February 24th, 2014 by _d2_

i’m in ikebukuro, well my hotel in ikebukuro, and after spending a rather disappointing morning i’ve come to realize that i HATE to travel alone….

i really wish i had a friend here with me, and i certainly can’t wait to see my parents tomorrow. at least i’ll have some one i can talk to and not feel quite as stupid when i get lost… which i did a lot today…

but i went to the shinjuku gyoen in hopes of maybe getting some pictures of kame in the park…. only to get there and learn that most of the park was closed due to tree damage from a recent snow storm, and the part that was open was…. blah. sure a few trees had the early-bird cherry blossoms, but with all the people already crowding around them for pictures i wasn’t about to join them….

then i went to the sunshine city aquarium – and while it was great and relaxing to watch the fish, it sort of drove home the loneliness i’m feeling….

i tried to do some shopping as well but just felt overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time… how could a country that i loved so very much 7 years ago turn into such an ugly reflection on myself. is it because i am here alone this time?

so no, i don’t have pictures of kame, who suffered some minor damages on her trip out here but i was thankfully able to get some glue while in layover at LA.

with any luck, i can get some nice shots of her in kyoto – i meet my parents tomorrow afternoon/evening and then we take the train down to kyoto and i’m guessing we won’t get in until very late….

prelude to japan

February 21st, 2014 by _d2_

okay, so i didn’t make the kimono or the eyes she has on – the eyes i’m making haven’t finished curing yet, and i don’t have the time or energy before i leave for japan to make the outfit – but here is kame!

i took her pictures in the forest around my house and it really feels like the japanese ghost stories and such…. i actually started to get a little creeped out by her in the end. (trying to decide if that’s good or not – i’ve always wanted my art to draw the viewer in, and then subtly unnerve them…. )

non picture update

February 19th, 2014 by _d2_

as my closest friends know, i leave for japan in a few days to visit kyoto with my parents (weeee! )

well, since then i’ve had this crazy goal to finish kame so i could take her with me for some awesome picture ops. well, i’m just about at that goal! i had the hope i would finish her and have her strung today, but i broke a few little things and stuff wasn’t drying as fast as i had hoped….

but she will definitely be done tomorrow! and i have her eyes mostly done, and i’ve had my roommate help me draft patterns for her clothes and picked out fabrics, and i have her wig planned out. if i work hard, i should have her all done tomorrow night – just in time for the sun to go down so there won’t be pictures again, of course!

ha! another update

February 7th, 2014 by _d2_

i took these pics yesterday but wanted to wait a little to post them.

they’re some artsy update pics of my bust, plus some of the gorgeous snowscape outside…

she’s slowly coming along, but slowly since she’s not my main focus right now.

and the beautiful trees -


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