kame updates!

July 27th, 2013 by _d2_

i’ve cut apart her other leg and started to seal some of the finished pieces – it’s white sandable gesso that will have to go on in a couple of layers since i need to sand it smooth. i’ve also resculpted her upper torso because it was lopsided and driving me nuts.

but, isn’t she looking lovely?

i’ve made some adjustments to her neck – in that i changed the little nobs into full on spines and i’m really happy with the look.

and then i also started on these -

any guess what they are?

they’re the starts of eyes!

and here’s a peek at how kame gets to spend her time between sculpting sessions (my other dolls have the same fate)

don’t worry, i’m still here!

July 23rd, 2013 by _d2_

but we had a pretty nasty heatwave that got the best of me…. and when i wasn’t melting from it, i was focusing more on my drawings. though i have gotten some stuff done on kame and amaterasu, and my mom has shipped kirin back to me so soon i’ll be able to work on her as well!

however, any earlier predictions of having kame done by the end of the month were bogus…. i seriously lost focus for awhile due to stress and heat – i need to learn to just work though it if i want to be more serious about my art!


July 14th, 2013 by _d2_

my serene creation goddess is coming along well – though i’ve not done any work on any dolls these last two days as i work on a drawing, but still wanted to share the progress!

and here are a couple of her next to kame – even though in the end she’ll be bigger, they’re actually the same scale – which surprised me because i was thinking she would end up huge due to the complexity of the jointing i’ll have to do…

a close up of her half finished face – she doesn’t look even remotely asian. sigh. but i rather like the look of her face and maybe when i get the other side done it will round her face out? probably not….

but kame has a gorgeous asian inspired face that’s all done! well, save for some final sanding and then applying the gesso paint that will protect/seal the clay…. oh, and getting her painted, that needs to be done too….

picture update!

July 5th, 2013 by _d2_

i’ve also added pics to 221b, along with a page for this new girl.

first up are some pics of kame -

and here are a couple pics of my spider start – i’m thinking of naming her ‘amaterasu’ after the japanese goddess. i’ve also included pic of the two sketches i’ve done to work from. i’m building her butt up in layers so i don’t have problems with cracking or taking too long to dry. so she is VERY rough right now. i also plan on her spider legs ending in semi-jointed hands. ambitious, i know.

and i have another idea of a centipede bjd, but she has no name and i won’t be starting this one for awhile…..

sorry, still no pics…

July 3rd, 2013 by _d2_

but tomorrow i have off so maybe i’ll be lucky enough to get some grainy pics (we haven’t had sunlight now in almost a week so it makes it difficult to take good pictures)

but this week has been HORRIBLE. monday all i wanted to do was cry. tuesday i find out my credit card was compromised and my home work computer kept crashing. today i’m feeling a little more optimistic, except that this package containing a gift for my mom has disappeared. it says it’s at the post office for pick up, but we haven’t gotten a slip either here at the house or at the PO box and now i’m freaking out.

and in the meantime, my life has become filled with spiders…. now let me explain, i like spiders. i’m fascinated by them. but both my roommate and i have noticed there have been an unusual number of spiders around in the last few weeks. just, hanging out doing spidery things…. and then sunday night i keep waking up feeling like spiders were walking towards me – again, not a scary feeling, just a “oh, spider, must brush away” – and monday morning when i went outside to put out the trash, turns out a very ambitious spider had made a web across the front door opening.

well, this last weekend i had decided to give in to what nature must be telling me and started my spider-woman. and the weird thing is – now that i’ve started sculpting her, not a single spider has been around. was i hallucinating? but my roommate saw them too…. heck, she even found the largest brown recluse i had ever seen in our bathroom – it also happened to be one of the easiest spider catches i’d ever done (yes, we catch spiders in jars and put them outside when we find them in places we don’t want them, like the shower)

i kinda miss the little buggers…. i think spiders are so funny because even though i’m a bajillion times larger than them, they still try to wave their front legs and say “don’t mess with me, i’m big! see how big i am!” and then i just give a light blow or gentle brush aside with a piece of paper and off the skitter.

well, enough of my sleep deprived ranting…. upshot is, i started a new doll and i hope to have pics tomorrow.


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^