it seems like nothing but bad news

August 24th, 2011 by _d2_

has been following me around lately…..

life’s been unkind/hectic/stressful to say the least….

and i was going to put the dolls on hold but a talk with my mom last night kicked me in the butt and i’m going to start making myself do an hour a night on them so i can get them completed. i know it’ll be a huge relief to see them in resin, and i’m not that far from getting all of them there – but i think it’s nerves and fear that stop me.

i’ve also got the base sketches for my portfolio, so i won’t have as much time taken up putting that together for art school – which i’m super nervous about applying for! i always get nervous when i have people judge my art….

i did get more casting done -

August 18th, 2011 by _d2_

but was unable to find a drill that i could afford that had a drill bit right for making the elastic channels in the dolls……

so i haven’t gotten much further on them, though this weekend i hope to get the last pieces molded so i can cast them next week and… um, have a full doll in pieces? i’m still looking for a drill that will work. but i thought i’d give a quick update.

oh, and noir’s head doesn’t look good hollow, so i’ve started making a new head for hollow – but some how time just keeps getting away from me…..

good news or bad news -

August 8th, 2011 by _d2_

the dolls have been put on the back burner as i work on my drawings to put together a portfolio to apply to art school….

though i managed to pour a few more molds for xololt/pierrot/cooper.

i’m also starting to realize that perhaps i’ve taken on a bit too much…. so i plan on finishing those that i’ve started (basil, ronald, venus, pip, hollow/noir hybrid since hollow’s head has run off, xolotl, pierrot, cooper, beatrix, saru, and vegeta) and then i only have one that i plan on making after this as a special doll for myself, but then that’s kinda it. i think i want to focus on those that i have sculpted and customize them and such. i’m spread too thin, which is what people have been telling me for years and i never listed too….

the good news is that the majority of those dolls are already near completion! yay! though i had plans to do a number of other heads and such for my mini girls (i was thinking a fox, a cat, a snake….) and maybe years down i will go that route for them as that wouldn’t involve too much sculpting, but for now i need to have laser focus on finishing those that i’ve started and my portfolio.

and let me tell you, i am one of the most EASILY distracted people in the world.

this is going to be hard.

tragic news

August 1st, 2011 by _d2_

i’ve finally finished unpacking from my move and took stock of my doll parts to make sure they weren’t broken…. and i found out i lost hollow’s head!!!

i’ve gone through just about every box and to no avail…. i feared i would have to sculpt her head again, but i think i’m going to mod noir’s head to be a new hollow…. i need to consolidate my projects anyway….


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^