big changes….

December 29th, 2007 by _d2_

so… while sanding down the other hip ball it caved in, and revealed that the clay was a lot thinner than expected…. which got me thinking about whether or not i should just go ahead and cut the torso in two and work with a two part torso – i can modify my plans for oblivion to work with a two part torso easily.and i’m glad i went a head and did it – because the clay was a lot thinner in places than i expected and so i need to work on the inside as well – this should also make casting easier too….i’ve also started on her other arm and leg so that i can so do the elbow and knee joints.i’ve also started on the head – it doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s at least close to the right size and once i start sanding and everything it should be a lot better….anyway, on to pics!whole body 1whole body 2whole body 3two part torsofor head comparison i have it next to my sist grimace face plate on a head back that i had molded and cast off of the unoa boy head cap as practice… it came out horribly, but it’s functional as a back of head for sizing… i can’t wait until i sculpt my own, though. i hope no one gets mad at me for recasting the unoa head back… i’m not selling them, so don’t even ask… it was for practice and the mold’s already broken, and i hope to modify one of the headbacks for my own girl to work with unoa so hopefully i’ll have that done by end of january.head 1head 2head 3

been thinking….

December 24th, 2007 by _d2_

my original plan was to have 3 jointed arms and legs (upper arm – elbow – lower arm, upper leg – knee – lower leg) but then i switched to the more traditional(?) two piece joint for ease of sculpture…. but i think i’m going to go back to the 3 jointed system because i’m using rounded ends for the arms and legs and if i do the 2 piece jointing, there would be no way for me to drill out the lower arms and legs for the stringing…. so i’ll be sculpting the other arm and leg and getting them ready to be split so that i can make the joint piece that goes inside for the elbow and the knee. i’m also hoping to start the head piece this coming week so that i can start sculpting faces in january… i have 17 different ideas so far i want to do. it seems like a lot, but i think once i have the base molds for the head/body down it should be easy to customize them. i know for selling i want to have a 2piece torso boy and girl body so that there will be 4 different body options (female, male, small bust female, and hermaphrodite) as well as at least 2 pairs of ears (human and elf) since i plan on doing the ears on magnets. i then hope to start out with two different face plates – the sleeping face plate that i’m going to turn into oblivion (so the face plate itself will be oblivion) and an opened eyed one i want to use for a couple of dolls (pierrot and eternity) and that one will probably be named pierrot. i’ve also decided to use the name “ethereal macabre” for my line of dolls. if i can get the sculpting done soon then i can work on testing sealants for the paper clay for molding in january, make molds and do some beginning casts in january/february, and then hopefully have everything ready to offer dolls for sale in march.  seems ambitious, but i think i can do it – especially since the bulk of the work(sculpting) will be done…. and since i plan on having the bodies interchangeable, i will only have one set of arms, one set of legs, and then two upper torsos and two lower torsos to mold. i may do different hands – it depends on how hard they are to sculpt. i know for my one of a kind dolls they’ll get individual hands and such…. and eventually i’d love to have all sorts of ears, but i think first i’ll do the human and elf…. and then maybe wing, fin, and cat ears, since those three are the other big shapes.i’ll have to decide if i want to offer the ears as optional parts, too… like some one could order more than one pair… i think it would be fine, but it really depends on if i can find more of the tiny magnets i have – they’re the perfect size!well… that’s enough rambling for now…. 

overdue pics….

December 23rd, 2007 by _d2_

okay, took the pics today that have been long over due…..i still need to make the base for the other leg….. but you can see that i’ve cut the arm and leg apart and need to work on those as well – hopefully tomorrow i can spend a LONG time on them.piecespieces 2pieces 3pieces 4and one of the bust in a rococo inspired couture bodice piece thingy…..bodice

eeek ><;;;;

December 21st, 2007 by _d2_

i’m so far behind in updating this!i’ve been working on the body – have the shoulders 90% done and one hip is completely done, the other one is halfway there.i still have to do her right arm and leg, but i’ve cut the left arm/leg at the joints to start on those as i’ve gotten a bit done, and i’ll hopefully have pictures up later, or tomorrow….i’ve also started sewing/designing outfits for unoa/narae sized and it fits my body really closely, and so i’ll take a picture of the torso in the corset piece i’m working on.i’ve also been distracted with face ups and stuff — my little ratchet (honey delf pudding) arrived today (yay!) and i have two heads coming soon, as well as tro-chan’s sist to paint up.all in all it looks like a pretty busy next few days, but it doesn’t look like i’ll have the hands and feet done in time for xmas – but i will hopefully have it done for the new year, and then i get to experiment on sealing the clay so i can do molding and casting….well, off to do more work!

lots of pics today ^^

December 16th, 2007 by _d2_

been hard at work on perfecting the leg and what not – i’ve also started some of the shoulders. it’s slow work, but it’s fun. i hope in another two days i should have one side of the body working close to perfect so i can then work on the otherside. i also hope to soon make the base for my head — i’m planning on a face plate system like the unoas or narins, but i plan on having it split infront of the ear rather than behind. i also plan on making the ears magnetic, so that there can be a variety of ears (elf, human, wings, fins, ect.) because i love playing around with various ear shapes/designs.anyway, on to the pictures! i’m so happy with out this is coming out *^^*partial bodyhere is the nearly finished shoulder joint -nearly finished shoulder cupnonfinished arm jointyou can see how much i’ve had to carve down and sand the hip joints – they were too big to fit with the leg! ><;;;;hip ball jointships/leghere’s a pic of the knee – rough, but i’m liking it.kneeand a quick view of what the leg is sorta looking like….side of leg

i have a gremlin….

December 10th, 2007 by _d2_

i’m convinced of it….after all, last night when i looked at the body there was no crack in the arm… and yet today when i go to take the pictures, the arm is cracked in half! ><;;;;;;i’m going to have to talk to my mom about ways to fix this….threequarters bodyarm crack

oops –

December 9th, 2007 by _d2_

haven’t updated in a bit… the body is coming along, i’ve started on a leg so i can judge length for the arm. i’ll have pictures of that soon.the torso is officially done besides the joints for shoulders/thighs – but i can’t work on those until i have my arms/legs done. her legs are slightly longer than my 43cm narin – so she’ll probably be 45-48cms tall (of course, my narin isn’t really 43cm tall – he’s 45…)anyway, i’ll update tomorrow with pictures of what i have so far.i’m also going to be working on sculpting oblivion’s head – things keep happening and she seems to be determined to be completely sculpted by me. of course, this doesn’t stop me from wanting a chiwoo girl.


i've been drawing for as long as i could hold a pencil and art became my first language. though i've only been sculpting since 2007, i fell in love with the idea of being able to bring my drawings to life. i am heavily inspired by medieval macabre artwork, japanese yokai, and oddly enough, sherlock holmes. currently i'm living just south of beautiful portland oregon ^^